Roon lost contol of playback device

Yesterday I disconnected my whole system from the wall socket. I was putting in an electric chord split (Supra) with surge protection. Then I plugged everything together again. After playing Roon for a minute or two, music stopped and I got the message: Roon lost control of playback device. Tried starting music three to five times. Got message: Roon can not initialize playback device.
Since I’ ve spent 3-4 hours trying to get it going again. I have rebooted my Asus NUC with the Roon core at least 5 times. Reinstalled usb drivers for the DAC. When I unplug the DAC and plug it again I can play music again. Sometimes for 30 seconds, sometimes 2 minutes then it stops as it did initially. And then it’s the same procedure to get it going. Best result was after the DAC was unplugged for about 11 hours. It was then possible to play music for 2 hours before it stopped again. Problem when DAC is warm?
The DAC works as it should when I use it with a cd drive and from the TV. It seems to be a a USB problem.
The system consists of Asus NUC I5 first gen 1,8 ghz, 8gb RAM, Roon latest 1,7 firmware. Hardwired from router via a split.
Primare DAC 30 feeding the Primare Pre32.
I have another zone with Chromecast. Works great.
When in settings-audio all of the zones housed in the computer, system output, intel Realtek and a few others just disappear. Only my Roon tested zones remain. Chromecast and Apple TV. Have to reboot Roon and/or NUC to make them appear again.

Forgot. I turned off my firewall.

Just checked back to my system. The DAC has been unplugged for about 2 hours, plugged it in and this time it’s not possible to play. Went in to settings-audio and disabled my device(Primare DAC 30) the enabled it again and all other zones disappeard.
I reload the but they won’t appear. The screen flashes for about a tenth of a second and I can see all the zones. But just for a blink.

If you need support in future, post in the support category to get seen. I’ve moved this thread.

Hi @bigj,

Is there any change if you uninstall just the application (don’t remove the database) and then re-install?

Got a Primare I 35 on loan. With DAC and mediaunit ( AirPlay, Chromecast) built in. Works like a charm. Maybe something with DAC?

If I make a change and an issue suddenly appears in the system, the first thing I do is to remove the change that was made to see if it was the issue. In this case…

Take this back out of the system and see if the problem persists. I just recently dealt with a very tricky under voltage issue that caused an amazing array of unusual symptoms.

Other observations, your Asus is running windows? If so, I’ve found that audio zones disappearing can be caused by using the Realtek drivers. I, in all my systems, use the MS HD Audio drivers instead. If you’d rather still try and use the Realtek drivers, 1. make sure they are the absolute latest (including checking Asus and the manufacturer’s sites. 2. Look and see if you are loading the nahimic service/ process. If so, try stopping/disabling that process.

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I don’t use the Realtek drivers. I was hoping I used the Primare drivers.

Just to clarify, I meant just having the Realtek drivers installed in the system can cause issues; whether they are being actively used or not.

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