"Roon Lost Control of Audio Device" - After Grouping

Could you check the log from yesterday afternoon? Something similar happened but this time on only one device. No grouping.

Towards the end of Abbey Road

Hi @Terry_Siederer,

Thanks for letting me know that additional information. It appears that unfortunately your Core is not communicating with our diagnostics servers any longer. Can I please ask you to manually upload a set of your Core logs by using these instructions and then reboot the Core machine? The best place to upload them would be to a shared Dropbox / Google Drive / Send.firefox.com folder. Thanks!


Hi @Terry_Siederer,

Thanks for sending those logs over, it looks like Roon lost communication with the Linn Magik after seeking through the track. I requested the hardware team review this trace as they would be better able to judge what occurred. Since that afternoon incident, have things been stable?

Hi Noris,

Have you looked at both afternoon incidents, maybe the problem is not connected to grouping at all. To answer your question, yes things have been stable but I haven’t pause/played that much.

Hi @Terry_Siederer,

I only noticed one afternoon incident. If there is a second one, please provide the exact local time of the occurrence (timestamp of the issue) so that we can cross-reference this in logs. If you don’t have the timestamp, that’s ok but please do let me know this info moving forward. Also, thanks for letting me know that things have been stable since there.

14:31 CET 04 August

Hi @Terry_Siederer,

I have passed the diagnostics to the technical team and am awaiting further feedback from them as to the log traces. As soon as I have any further info I will be sure to let you know, thanks!

Hi @Terry_Siederer,

I had a meeting with our senior technical team today regarding your case and they have noted that it appears that Roon lost control of your Linn device towards the end of Abby Road, but it is not clear as to why, it could have been a temporary network hiccup.

As for the grouping issue that you mentioned, we have been unable to reproduce this behavior with the current Linn zones we have in the lab and will try to gather another Linn device from a staff member to see if having 3 zones grouped changes anything regarding the grouping behavior.

This investigation is still ongoing, and as soon as there are any new details to share, I will be sure to let you know, thanks!

I’m away at the moment but in order to reproduce the error all I can suggest is to keep pausing and playing repeatedly. Obviously not something I normally do but didn’t take long before I got the error message.

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