Roon lost control of audio device (sonos)

I am getting “Roon lost control…” when playing to one of my Sonos devices. All my sonos devices are ethernet connected. I could not control the sonos device with Sonos remote when this happened and had to power it on/off to get it back online again.

Using ipad as remote for Roon and all my FLACs are stored on my QNAP NAS. I am running rock on recommended I7 NUC. Attaching logfiles for easier troubleshooting.

I had the problem earlier but an update from you made it go away. Now It’s back and its worse then ever. I can see that Sonos has updated their software since the last time. Any correlation? Including logs.

One single lan with adress space.

One UniFi Switch 24 POE-250W with the NUC i7 running rock directly attached. Also QNAP NAS directly attached to the same switch (in the basement to get rid of noise).

To this unifi switch is a Netgear ProSafe GS108 switch cascaded (in the living room) and to the netgear is the Sonos Connect:Amp that experience this problem attached.

CONNECT:AMP: Vardagsrum
Serienummer: 00-0E-58-33-19-78:C
Version: 8.2 (build 39247040c)
WM: 0
OTP: 1.1.1(1-16-3-0.9)

Operating System
Version 1.0 (build 148) stable
Running 81 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes, 39 seconds.

Roon Server Software
Version 1.3 (build 274) stable

Roon Database & Settings
93% of 114 GB available.

Hi @Patrik_Falk — Thank you for the very detailed and thorough report :clap::clap: Your diligence and feedback are both greatly appreciated!

Confirming that your logs have been received and are now in our queue to be evaluated by a member of our tech staff. Once my report has been updated I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings with you in a timely manor.

Furthermore, I saw you had mentioned that when Roon lost control of the mention Sonos device(s), the Sonos remote also could not communicate with the endpoint(s) while in this state. Just to make sure I have a complete understanding of the behavior being reported, do you ever experience the same issue while using the Sonos application?


Hi Eric

When Roon get the “lost control” the sonos device becomes unusable from the native controller as well. The only thing that will help is to unplug the power to the sonos device to let it reboot.

I have owned Sonos, and been building it out, since 2009 and there has never been a similar issue when playing through the native sonos controller.

Thank you for the insight @Patrik_Falk, very appreciated!

As mentioned in my previous once our techs have completed their analysis of your logs I will be sure to reach out with update/feedback. Thanks again for your patience!


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