Roon lost control of audio device still

It seems like for the past year I am unable to figure out “Roon lost control of audio device.” I’ll play music for hours, Tidal and Local File from QNAP NAS and the system clicks, and I can no longer play music. Lately, It will only play for 10 to 15 seconds and the music stops and same message appears. This using a Cary Audio 600SE as DAC and MicroRendu as bridge. It got so bad I just stopped listening to roon. Hoping to solve this issue I just purchased and installed an Innuos Zen music server, and THE SAME PROBLEM! Can someone please help with this?

I have the same issue. After some listening or none at all it either says loading too slowly and skips the track or says lost audio control and stops…

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The best way to get some attention is to open a Support thread with all the requested information about your system.

Whenever these issues come up, it’s nearly always a networking issue. Whilst you are waiting for @support to respond, you may want to review this and see if there is any ideas here than can help:

OK…I think I got it figured out! And of course, it wasn’t Roon…Kinda. What I figured out was that neither the Sonore Micro Rendu, nor the Innuos Zen when used as a Roon Core have the processing power to upsample DSD higher than DSD64! Since I modified those parameters in DSP it’s been smooth sailing. When I used a computer as a player I never had this issue, but when I think back, this didn’t start happening until I “advanced” to bridges this. However, it will play NATIVE DSD files, which my needle drops are (DSD128 with Tascam DA3000). I hope this helps others.

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I’m no programmer, but it looks like this is a perfect example of where Roon could improve it’s error trapping routines. Slow processing of an audio file should be easy to detect and Roon could provide an informative error message instead of the generic “Roon lost control of audio device”. Roon relies so heavily on an adequate network, it seems like a smart move would be to provide some basic networking tools to detect and analyze network problems. Or at least be able to detect network problems and report the problems accurately. Maybe I’m asking too much :wink:


However, if the endpoint is overloaded and not responding promptly to the Roon Core, the symptoms may be undistinguishable from network problems.

Hi @Mike_Sands,

Happy to hear that you were able to pinpoint why this issue occurred. For future reference, Roon’s Signal Path also shows the “Processing Speed” you’re getting when performing the specific DSP you have enabled, if this drops under 1x or so, then the Core is running out of resources.

I didn’t know that. Thx noris!

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