Roon Lost Control of audio device with Bluesound and Dragonfly Cobalt in one group

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Innuos Zenith MK3

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired from Xfinity highest signal available for home through Orbi Router with Mesh Network

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bluesound wired, Lumin T2 wired, audio quest dragon fly colbalt on computer wireless

Description Of Issue

I have updated my controllers and Bluesound Player. I have updated everything associated with streaming including my server, mesh network, Roon core, Mac operating system, bluesound, etc. so everything is up to date. Bluesound punted me over to Roon Support. What is happening is that the Bluesound after the previous update will not play in Roon with the DragonFly Colbalt that is the Dac on my computer. I usually use three roon endpoints…Bluesound, Lumin T2 streamer, and Computer speakers with Dragonfly in one group. . I can now only use two and after some testing, the conflict seems to be between the Bluesound and Dragonfly. Bluesound plays with T2, T 2 plays with Dragonfly, but Bluesound will now not play with Dragonfly with or without the T2 in the group. The message I get is: Roon lost control of the audio device. I am not sure if the recent bluesound update is cutting out like it did before as sometimes that took an hour or so but I will check on that. Bluesound claims those issues are fixed. . I should be able to play all three endpoints in one group. Please advise. Everything else seems to be working perfectly.

Try re sampling everything to 48kHz using Roon DSP engine.

How will that affect the sound quality of higher res files especially in the T2?

Not good. For experiment only, see if it helps with the problem. Not saying this is a solution, but i think there is a very slight chance.

Ill give it a try, this only happened after recent updates on both Roon and Bluesound.

Peter, I tried changing the DSP and that didn’t do anything, but I found out this only happens in Tidal in MQA. Every other Hi res streams in the group of three. So MQA or something in Tidal seems to be causing the issue.

There seems to be an issue with BluOs since v3.10 that has resulted in MQA files not working with Roon. You can either turn off the MQA capabilities in your device settings for the Bluesound Player or change your Tidal settings from Master to Hifi until it is resolved.

Please turn off DSP Engine, and experiment with the different MQA Capabilities setting for Bluesound: Renderer Only (preferred), Decoder + Renderer, No MQA Support (not preferred). Test with Tidal MQA music.

This is a weird one. My current setting for bluesound is decoder and renderer. I tried all the settings including no MQA and it made no difference. Roon still loses control. I can play the Lumin and Bluesound together but can not add in the Dragonfly if the Bluesound is in the group. I can play all Hi res files in Qobuz, but no MQA in Tidal when grouped. Is it possible the new Tidal Connect is causing an issue?

Peter, I think I found the problem. I am not sure what has changed but with your suggestion, it seems to be fixed. I had the Dragonfly set on renderer only which is how it has been since I installed it. Both the Lumin and Bluesound are set to decoder and Renderer. I reset the Dragonfly to decoder and renderer and so far things seem back to normal. The dragonfly may sound a little better in renderer only but it is not significant. I will advise if this changes and Roon loses control again. It would be interesting to see if others have had this issue if ones groups a bunch of Roon endpoints. I am adding allay Discovery Z3 to a room and it will be interesting if this works in a group or if it also needs to be set on Decoder/renderer. Not sure yet what Elac recccomends unit I get it. As a side, I have continued to be impressed with the sound quality of my Lumin T2. Thanks, Tom

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I suspect that with one device set to Renderer Only, Roon is forced to perform MQA Core decoding, which I suspect causes a problem with the particular firmware version of your device.

Please post a signal path screenshot of your original (non-working) setup, and another signal path screenshot of having everything set to Decoder and Renderer.

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