"Roon Lost Control of Audio Device"

Since the 1.7 upgrade I have received the above error message. The audio device is a KEF LS50W running in WiFi mode. The core is on a nucleus. Arris cable modern, Apple router. I have two zones. One is hard wired, the LS50W is WiFi.

Hi @Randy_Hatcher1,

Does this occur when playing all types of content or only specific type (high-rez/TIDAL/Qobuz)?
Are your LS50s up to date on firmware? Any change if you try plugging them in via Ethernet?

It only happened once and it happened while I was listening to a song and in the middle of that song I selected and played another album. I do believe the new album was a 96/24 Qobuz file. The album showed up on the screen but would not play. I tried clicking on the play button a few times but nothing happened. Eventually the error message appeared. I could still navigate to other albums but as soon as I clicked the play button I would get the same message. Yes, the LS50W firmware was just updated a few days ago. I cannot play these speakers via ethernet as there is no cable outlet in this room.

I tried turning off the speakers and then back on….the problem persisted. I also closed and re-opened Roon on my iPad…no change. A few minutes later the connection was re-established on it’s own. I cannot recall anything that I did that might have brought it back.

Thank you

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Hi @Randy_Hatcher1,

Thank you for the additional information. If this behavior occurs again can you please note the exact local time + date in your country of occurrence as well as which track was playing and which track it skipped to? This will be useful in case we need to investigate the behavior further. Thank you.

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