Roon lost control of audio device


I am experiencing frequent drop-outs during playback.

My system is:
NUK i7 latest model. Connected via Ethernet to router/WiFi modem.
8 go ram
Internal HD 128
External HD 1 Tb SSD.
Chord Qutest attached via USB to the NUK.

Thanks for any support!


Hi @Walter_Del_Castillo,

Besides the Chord device are you able to play to other zones okay?

How often do you receive this “Lost control of audio device” error?


The other device that I have and that connects quicker and nerver has drop-outs is my blusound speaker.

It is happening at least twice or three times a day. Sometimes more.

Also, there has been some trouble with the Roon app when it does not connect or download tidal content fully.

Best regards


Hi @Walter_Del_Castillo,

Can you confirm that the Chord’s firmware is fully up to date?

If you connect it to a different Windows or Mac remote device do you experience the same issues?

Hi Dylan,

Not really. Do you know how can i check that? I have looked at chord’s website to not avail. There is information about the Poly firmware update only.

Do you mean connecting the chord qutest top another computer as a Roon endpoint? Unfortunately, my laptop is at the repair shop with a broken screen now. I have my ipad with me for now.


I check with Chord directly and there has been no updates for the chord qutest.
Best regards,