Roon "lost control" of NAD758 v3

My NAD 758 v3 has never had issues connecting with Roon. Last week, for the first time I started getting “Roon lost control of the device” messages. The Bluesound app continues to connect with the NAD 758 v3 normally. There have been no changes to the network or setup during this period that I can recall. Anyone else seeing new changes in the NAD receiver behavior with Roon?

There is an issue with NAD’s playing MQA files since one of their recent BluOs updates. A few people have contacted NAD but not got anywhere with them. They simply suggest it is a Roon issue and that everyone should use their BluOs app instead.

Thanks for sharing. I actually assumed that MQA would be the culprit (as it often seems to be) with the NAD gear and Roon. I was just a bit confused because of the many NAD pieces I have that have Roon functionality - the 758 v3 is the only one that I have not really experienced any issues with. I assume that when they brought out the new AVR that some changes may have been made to software that impacted the older more stable ones.

Turning MQA off solved the issue for me - for now.