Roon Lost Control of the audio device - Help

Hello I decided to buy lifetime membership without trial but I can’t hide my disappointment as I already have problem with my Roon - NAS infrastructure.

Roon Core Server
Status : Running
Version : 1.6 (build 416) stable
QPKG-Version : 2019-06-09
Process ID : 14597

My Core server is on NAS-QNAP TS-877 8Gb Ram. Database is on SSD.

My Roon Remote could not control my Devialet Expert Pro 220 CI, the error message on Roon Remote is

Roon lost control of the audio device because the input was switched

Hello @Michael_Setjadiningr,

In the Settings > Audio screen, what input have you selected for the Devialet zone? Make sure that you are using the Devialet zone listed in the “Roon Ready” section.


Hello John,

I did a lot of diagnostic from network, roon core server, un-install and re-install etc, I found out that after I re-download the configuration file of Devialet including SAM profile, everything is back as expected.

Thank you and close this case.


Hello @Michael_Setjadiningr,

I’m glad to hear that you are up and running. I have added the information regarding the Devialet configuration file to our internal knowledge base for future reference. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy the music!


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