"Roon lost control of the audio device." too often lately [JPlay] [SOLVED]

I have no problem with Dirac for room correction, since it serves a clear purpose. It just imposes limitations and I feel there are better alternatives (explained earlier), but if your DAC cannot do anything higher than 192k PCM you don’t have much problem with Dirac either. It would be best to run Dirac at highest rate it supports, nowadays 192k, so upsample everything to 192/32 in HQPlayer before sending it to Dirac. However, it imposes similar limitations to HQPlayer as JPlay, hiding information about the DAC.

I run my DACs at DSD256 or DSD512 and also want room correction for DSD content without converting to low rate PCM so that rules out Dirac on signal path (except if the filter is extracted and run inside HQPlayer instead).

JPlay in my opinion doesn’t serve any purpose, causes problems and hides necessary information from HQPlayer so it cannot perform at it’s best. It hides information and limits functionality.

For HQPlayer to perform at it’s best it needs to have as direct and low level access to the DAC as possible. For example, if you boot my NAA image, it can get that regardless if you run HQPlayer on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Thank you for your kind and informative comments, Jussi. I love Dirac so much I run 3 copies of it. It does an amazing job on my setup in my office, desktop very near field setup. No way it can sound good the way they are physically placed but Dirac pulls it out. It is so near field(1.2m apart, 40cm in front) setup you can literally reach out and touch someone.On my main system it does more harm than good. Actually very little harm and very little good. So I do not use it. Waiting for an upgraded version. Dirac gives you an idea about what a flat sounds like. Flat equals neutral equals natural equals not artificial equals real equals aha moment.

I posted a support request on the JPlay forum. I will be giving you an update hopefully soon.

@eric, please consider this issue closed. Kinda self-closed it per below:

I hope it is ok to post this link here.


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