"Roon lost control" recurring errors for the last few days

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 laptop with intel i5 CPU and 8GB RAM running roon server app (and nothing else, or as close to that as windows allows)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core is plugged in to my router (proprietary router from my ISP, which is common in France (“freebox pop” is the model name) through Ethernet.
Remotes and audio devices listed below all connected in wifi.

Connected Audio Devices

3 zones:

  • 1 pair of Kef LSX via Kef Streaming
  • 1 pair of Sonos One SL as a single zone via Sonos streaming
  • 1 single Sonos One as a second zone via Sonos streaming

Number of Tracks in Library

15,000 tracks in TIDAL + a small local library (under 100 tracks)

Description of Issue

Hey Roon team,

I’ve been loving everything about Roon since I started using it. It’s been overall very stable until this week, with multiple problems occurring. The only two changes I can think of are:

  • Update to the latest Roon version on both core and remotes
  • Having experimenting with grouping 2 zones (both SONOS zones) and then de-grouping them. I specifically feel like this could have triggered the problem.

Everything “starts” normally and after a while (e.g. re-starting playing after an extended pause, or transferring an playing track to a different zone) I get the “Roon lost connection with the audio device” error on all SONOS and KEF zones (all zones except for my android devices directly acting as their own zones on top of being the remotes).

This is fixed by manually disconnecting + reconnecting the ROON core from the internet (pulling the ethernet cable then plugging in it back in).

Thank you for your support and everything you do!

Ghislain, how are your Sonos pairs connected, using WiFi or Sonos separate wireless network configuration? I believe Roon works best when they are connected as part of your overall wireless network on WiFi.

I have seen some other posts about issues with Sonos speakers and potentially grouping them within Roon. Roon has some very specific demands on networks and the grouped Sonos devices, as you note, may be the issue.

Can you provide any other information on your WiFi network? Do you have both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi capabilities?


Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

The Sonos are all connected to the main, 5 GHZ WiFi network. The router also operates in 2.4 GHZ but that’s under an other SSID that I’m not using.

Note that the problem is still occurring after I ungrouped the Sonos, and is also affecting my KEF speakers (same 5 GHZ WiFi network). But it seems to have started after I tried grouping the Sonos. Which I didn’t need to do btw, I was just testing the feature :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that if it keeps happening, I might try resetting all Sonos speakers through the Sonos app and redoing the zone setup in Roon from scratch. Maybe the system would then “forget” my previous attempt to create a group, if that was indeed the trigger. I’m not sure that really makes sense but it would be an easy enough fix!

Anything else I can provide to help?


Ghislain, have you tried turning off your router and Windows laptop, then restarting your network/router, then rebooting the Windows laptop with the Roon Core, then restarting the Roon Core? The network may need to be reset. Not sure this will fix the problem, but it may be related to the grouping issues in Roon.

Yesterday I tried that several times over, to no effect. Today I haven’t touched anything yet so far all seems back to normal.
Crossing my fingers! I’ll update and hopefully close this thread in a couple of days if it keeps running fine.
Thank you.

Great to hear, fingers crossed over here too that it remains stable.

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Hello there,
Happy to report that all has been stable and well for the past few days. Closing this thread now.
Robert - thank you again!

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Excellent Ghislain!

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