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Roon lost database. Not able to retrieve anything from the old backups,

It’s asking for new storage ,audio. Etc

I can’t believe it’s so temperamental . I’ve got roon on a very high spec qnap nas and internet speed this 1gb plus. So no issues there.

Really am p…d off. Any other similar software is stable and reliable.

What’s the solution?

Hi - sure there is no share/folder on your NAS hinting to some kind of Roon backup? If that wasn’t working Roon would’ve indicated a problem while you still had a database.

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Hey @Manmohan_Sondh,

I am so sorry that we’ve missed your email for this long :pleading_face: . Please, accept my sincere apology :pray:

When you said that you cannot retrieve anything from old backups, do you get an error when trying to restore it?

You are not alone. I’ve had the same happen twice, and it presents as a mystery to support (“the database is designed to prevent this from happening”). Eventually, they’ll tell you to rename your current database folder and let Roon create a new database. You’ll lose your playlists, etc., but not your music. And, you’ll have to do it all over again in a couple of months.

FYI, 1.7 was flawless in this regard.