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I ripped hundreds of CDs using the ripping software in the Roon Rock core. After a rip Roon calls these files “CD RIPS - CD RIPPED- {date}” but as soon as the rip is done roon recognises the album even with this filename. I had to restore my roon system due to disk failure and now Roon has ‘forgotten’ 100 of these rips.

How do I get Roon to know these again as if I had just ripped them?

Did you have a backup of your database? They should just auto populate if you restore your database. If you made no backup then you might be out of luck as the metadata is only in the database not the files themselves.

Yes I restored the backup. The drive was new as the old drive was corrupted. But I copied all the files back into the internal drive in the rock-core. Then I restored roon from a backup.

Did it restore everything else ok, did it retain other metadata and didn’t add all as being new or duplicates and linked it all up ok?

Check for unidentified files by using focus to see if they all show up there without any metadata. I assume you put them back in the cdrips folder RoonOS creates? Does sound off best bet @support involved.

I ripped 700 albums using the internal CD ripping software in Roon Rock. After ripping Roon identified each album. However I have had to restore Roon due to a disk failure and after a restore it is not identifying 100 of these albums, they simply have a title “CD-Rips-CD-Ripped {date}”.
Is there a fix for this other than manually listening to each and trying to identify the album? If I ‘edit’ the album and ask Roon to identify it, it does not manage to do that.

Is there any way of forcing Roon to look at a file as if it has just added it to the library via the internal Rock ripping software?

Everything restored ok except it ‘lost’ these 100 rock-ripped files’ metadata. All were restored to cdrips folder. How do I send this problem to @support?

You have but I have to say they are pretty slow at the moment to respond to anything which is not great. @dylan @beka can we get Peter some assistance please.

Update: I have discovered a lot of the albums have tracks missing. So when they were ripped they were not ripped correctly - I had never noticed this before. Now Roon can’t find them as they are incomplete albums. I thought the ripping software would have alerted me to that at the time but apparently not.

Looks like my music files in the backup were corrupted.

HI Peter,

Not official Roon support but here is my opinion / answer

  1. If there are albums as yet not identified with tracks missing, then I would re-rip those albums.

  2. For unidentified albums, keep in mind, that if Roon cannot identify them initially, the CD will stay in that unidentified state. I had several CDs which I ripped in Roon that Roon was not able to identify (see the pic under #3, that unidentified album cannot be identified by Roon). So, I am saying that it might be they were never identified in the first place.

  3. You can use Focus to find all “unidentified” albums, make that a bookmark and then use the bookmark as a “List to Fix”

See this pic

  1. If you go to the album, choose the 3 dot menu on the Album Screen, Choose Edit, and scroll down the initial pop up you will see the Re_identify Choice, as seen here:

There are other more intricate methods, but, that is the one I’d use. If it cannot identify the CD, then I would next try manually Identifying it, but, obviously, you’d have to listen to it, to know what to search for.

  1. Once you have all the files fixed, I would suggest using the Export function to export them to an external drive or network storage. When Roon exports the Rips it will then encode/embed the actual title and meta-data into those files.
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