Roon + LUMIN T2 + External DAC setup

HI All, I’ve been using the Roon (streaming TIDAL) + LUMIN T2 setup to a tube amplifier for headphone use and have been loving the convenience. I have an external DAC that I want to add to the audio chain to hopefully take the setup to the next level. What would be the ideal/appropriate settings on the Roon and Lumin for such a setup?


Lumin T2 can optionally output to an external DAC via USB or BNC. Simply connect them using a USB cable, then change the Lumin output from Analog to USB in Lumin app.

Thanks Peter! Are there any other setting within the app to help optimize the sound? Or it’s just simply a matter of changing the output to USB?

Please disable unneeded services such as AirPlay “Lumin Streaming” if you don’t need it, or Spotify Connect, etc.

Thanks! I’m still utilizing those services