Roon Mac OS 10.14.5 Mojave download issue for roon 1.7

MacBook Pro 13’’ 2016 MacOS 10.14.5 with roon Client for MscOS
roon Client on iPad Air 2
roon core on MacMini with MacOS 10.14.5


the update on the Mac Mini worked fine this morning, it is now on roon 1.7 (build 500). Just the MacBook Pro gives me an error when downloading. It shows error occurred while download request (my translation of the German error message). The download stops at about 70%
Also the update on the iPad seems to tage long or is in an endless loop.

All best fixing the 1.7 and bringing it to a great roon software experience.


Hello @Ralph_Juergen,

What happens if you download the Roon application from the Roon Labs Downloads page and drag it to your applications folder? It will warn you that you are about to overwrite your existing Roon application… this is okay as your data is stored in a separate folder and on your core.


Hello John,

the download directly from roon site works and roon 1.7 is now installed on the MacBookPro. Thanks!


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