Roon Mac OS app ability to output DSD 2.8

I have setup the Roon app on my MacMini (2018 version) and connected it to my AVR (Marantz SR-7013). I understand that my receiver is able to crunch DSD (2ch and 5.1 channel 2.8 Mhz) signal coming in through HDMI input. However, I am not sure, if the Roon app output is compatible. Please advice

I’ve had my NUC connected to my Denon 8500H via HDMI for multi-channel playback but Roon will not do DSD over HDMI.

Thanks. Is the restriction for all operating systems … Mac OS included?

Sorry, I don’t recall the reason or if it works in some situations. Hopefully someone else will know the correct answer.

Mac mini can only output DSD128. It’s limited to CoreAudio apparently. Alternative is to ask your DAC/amp manufacturer for custom drivers but they usually don’t care.

This is a different issue from the question being discussed (DSD64 over HDMI from Mac).