Roon Mac shows no artwork

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro 2020; 32GB Memory; OS 11.4
Roon Build 831

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected to Network as fixed line via CalDigit.
Tidal is connected as music service.

Connected Audio Devices

Thunderbolt Apollo x4 - works well and plays back Roon music.

Number of Tracks in Library

about 3500; library is loaded and available for playback

Description of Issue

No artworks shows. Music playback works fine.

Music playback works (own library, Tidal)
I have (several times):

  • Rebooted computer
  • Restarted + Logged out/in from Roon
  • Waited (several days)

Regarding artwork:

  • under Browse/Tidal: it only shows “my mix” artwork images. No single album artwork
  • under Browse/Live Radio: no radio artwork shows (which would suggest, that the problem may not be with Tidal or my own library)
  • My Library: no artwork shows

At times a single album artwork will show, but nothing that I can replicate.

All has worked before (own music, tidal, live radio), but I do not recall, when this has changed.
Help much appreciated.

Do you have a spinning circle top right of screen?
And if so when you click on it does it say metadata improver paused?

I see the spinning circle, e.g. on the album page, where the cover art should be, when I click on it, then an empty (full page) pop-over opens. no text.

but now, after I have clicked randomly around on these “empty artwork areas” say 10 more times, it suddenly started loading images again, now all images are loaded.

While it is great, that images load again, it is still somewhat irritating, because I only clicked empty artwork images, that did not load for several days (after also clicking around everywhere else)-

Does anyone have the same experience???

Next morning. Just woke up computer from sleep. Same problem again. Artwork from yesterday is still there. New artwork is not loaded anymore. Kept clicking around on empty artwork images - nothing happens.