Roon Marketing Improvements

Reminds me of the famous (and apocryphal) Henry Ford quotes: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”


“Any color … so long as it is black.”


Sure, but there is a method to this. If you categorize the issues raised by the community, at some they become important. You would not prioritize 1,000 willy nilly comments all over the place, but if 1,000 people all say, XYZ is something that should be improved, then forget about the camel, which by the way is designed for the environment it lives in. A horse on its own would die after a couple of days in the desert.

Pawmasher …sniff…wipe tear away…sniff


I think the point (andybob and yours) is that if you took all the feature requests on the forum and built a product from them…it would be horrible. Some folks want visualisations for the now playing screen. Personally I think that would look like an acid trip. The “solution”? Make it an option. Pretty soon you’d have 10 pages of options - and 10 more after that. I don’t see the UX folks at Roon on the forums - they seem to come here infrequently and post almost never. They don’t look for feedback or ask questions - so it does give the appearance that UX exists in a vacuum. I’m sure it isn’t the case, but it can be perception.


Still one of the limits to world domination is RAAT.

Most kit and hence users are still on DNLA , I know the reasons etc but it doesn’t help. We shave to go for RPi solutions plus others just to get Roon working , other than AirPlay

While this continues Roon will remain a specialists product, IMHO

Unless Roon gets enough hardware partners - at different price points - on board?

But that’s not backward compatible, my Cambridge Audio CXN is nigh on redundant except as a very expensive DAC, the best I can get is Airplay without my RPi Digione converter