Roon Mastery 73/100, Audio Analysis

This states that “once a file is analysed, Roon stores that information so it doesn’t need to be re-analysed in the future”.

This should have an asterisk, leading to some small print that adds “unless you change anything about a track’s name or anything to do with the directory structure of your music in which the file is contained. Then Roon will dutifully set about re-analysing every affected track”. :rofl:

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I‘d say that‘s self explanatory and doesn‘t need extra mention!

It‘s as absurd as McD getting sued for not labeling their coffee-to-go cups with warnings…

Just my 2 cts


There is a difference between “audio anlysis” for the waveform, and, identification. I think it is only the identification process that gets triggered when changing meta-data.

I’ve have had it trigger analysis on changing metadata. Changing names is expected to it’s a different file to Roon after all.

Yes, I don’t think it’s self explanatory at all. I changed a top level folder name & 300,000 tracks got re-analysed when nothing in the audio had changed at all.

But it was only a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fabulously optimistic telling of the story in today’s Roon Mastery email.

As I recall, when I mentioned this in the past, the explanation was something along the lines of Roon not knowing exactly what’s changed, only that something has, therefore it has to re-analyse. Maybe, as @Rugby has mentioned, it would look at a track, say “yep, done that” & move on.

Who knows?

One of life’s other mysteries. In the cupboard next to the great ones.