Roon Memory Increases

Just dog pilling:

Clean install of OSX Catalina,
iMac, Quad core i5, 8Gb mem
Clean install of Roon (1.7 build 511) installed as a client

Memory leaked over the corse of a week to ~15GB. usage.
Over a period of hours it seems to grow ~50Mb per hour.


Hi @Bob_George,

Where does this memory usage occur, on the Core or on the Remote? Is Roon still importing your library when you see the high memory usage (do you see an “activity spinner” in the top right-hand corner)?

HI @noris,

This is the client side (remote), fresh install of everything (dd blew up).

Roon is not importing tracks.

The Roon server is running in a linux VM on separate server.

Hi @Bob_George,

Can you clarify what you mean by dd blew up? Is the issue gone since starting with a fresh database?

sorry, disk drive died. I did a clean install of Catalina and reinstalled Roon.
Memory leak occurred with this new installation.

Hard to tell if it was there previously since 1.7 was released as my disk drive was dying at about the same point and system as a whole was unstable. Prior to this 1.6 was quite stable and did not exhibit the leak.

Hi @Bob_George,

Is the behavior the same if you temporarily host the Roon Core on your Catalina PC (instead of having it being hosted on the Linux VM)?

You can do this by first creating a Backup of your Roon database -> Roon Settings -> General -> Disconnect -> On the “Choose your Core” screen -> Use this PC -> If asked to unauthorize Linux Core -> Yes.

You can feel free to switch between Cores as often as you’d like, but you are limited to one active Roon Core at a time and I’d like to remove the VM from the equation in case it’s playing a part in the issue.

Okay, while that is restoring here is the system snapshot over a few days. Over 1G or mem used in a day and a half.

Also what is with all the GPU usage on a client.


Okay, importing now this should serve as a time stamp

Finished importing 730MB used.

Okay after a night it is using about 760Mb. of mem.

However if I run a client on a different Mac also up to date Catalina (MBPro 16").

Initial usage is 194Mb rising to ~300Mb overnight.

now at 325Mb.

I think you have a mem leak when in client mode.

Hi @Bob_George,

Roon is designed to be a fairly heavy application, so 1GB of RAM usage wouldn’t be too worrisome in my opinion. What would be more interesting is seeing the 15GB of RAM you noted in your original post. If the RAM usage exceeds 5GB or so, can you please let me know? I’d like to get diagnostics when Roon is in that state.

letting it run, till it gets close to breaking. FWIW, usage is now at 1.04G.
Real memory is on 8Gb on this machine.
What do you want me to collect as the usage grows?

Hi @Bob_George,

Roon logs and a sample of the process would help. Roon logs can be accessed via these instructions and you can sample a process by using these instructions. Thanks!

PM sent with link

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Hi @Bob_George,

Thanks for sending those logs over. I am looking through them and the Remote seems to be normal usage, but on the server it’s a different story.

I located two instances where the memory usage starts to jump, and it started occurring immediately after you connected to another Core named “roony”, which appears to be a Linux-based machine?

Is this the Linux VM that you mentioned earlier in your posts? If so, I believe this to be directly related to the issue you are experiencing.

If you use either of the Macs as the Core, reboot and without connecting to “roony” during the session, do you still experience this behavior?

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