Roon Memory Usage Excessive

Hi all, does anyone know why Roon uses so much RAM? I just realised it’s using 8GB of RAM, while at idle - compare that to plex which is using only 500MB and it’s got active connections, harder content videos, pictures and the exact same audio library on top.

I’m guessing poor coding - because it’s definitely not faster than plex - quite a bit slower actually.

Limited budgets and such I guess?


Are you on Windows, Mac, iPad? If you search there are several such threads, some dating back quite a while… but nothing ever seems to be done about it, which makes me think it is what it is.

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it is what it is.

Roon should not be using this amount of memory.

@marshalleq I’ve turned this into a support topic. Please would you fill in the following information so that we can assist / add your data point to any investigations? Thanks.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

quick guess:

There is something wrong with the database.

I have an old Acer 8943G 16 GB RAM, which swallows around 1.5 million tracks with 7 to 8 GB memory usage.

On my new XMG I have this:

Over 50,000 links to albums and 25,000 to artists. A lot of texts and pictures are taken from the net to make everything look great. Here Plex can also do something, but those who come to Roon know the advantages.

Of course, only the right hardware in combination with the operating system and media software ensures a good experience. I used this:

on a second SSD this:

The system change sometimes causes problems, but are quickly fixed…

Sorry for the German language, it’s just logging off the other XMG unit and logging into Tidal or Qobuz again.


when everything is running stably it looks like this in comparison:

Windows 10:

my beloved Manjaro with KDE - Desktop

with a glass of wine (PlayOnLinix) I also got the GUI.

8G seems high. On my windows PC I run about 1.5GB

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Check this post and the entire thread: Memory leaks on QNAP - #17 by DanielAvasilichioaei

Roon Core Machine

  1. Lenovo Thinkstation P700
  2. 2x Xeon E5-2620 v3 @ 2.40GHz
  3. 96GB ECC RAM
  4. INTEL Data Center SSD’s formatted ZFS
  5. Unraid
  6. Roon running in Docker (steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

  1. Gigabit Semi-Managed switch
  2. OpnSense Firewall (Running on Qotom Hardware i5 I think)
  3. Gig Fibre Internet
  4. Grandstream 7610 Wifi Access Point (Roon is Cabled though)

Connected Audio Devices

Because it’s probably interesting to others:

  1. Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry Audio Hat, Fatman iTube, Image Loudspeakers (I wanted small being an apartment dweller - speakers are left over from when I was in a larger house and can’t bring myself to get rid of them because they’re so nice). The Fatman comes to life when not paired to an iPod and everyone comments on the nice colour it adds, not bad for a 13W amp, but I do miss my Arcam - it was just too big for an apartment.
  2. Squeezebox Boom in the Bedroom

Number of Tracks in Library

  • 114931 (A lot of CD Ripping) and a few purchases later

Description of Issue

  1. Excessive Ram Usage at 8GB
  2. I restarted the docker container yesterday and initially it only ramped up to about 1GB. But, overnight it is now up to 3GB. I can see it is extremely slowly increasing more and more which I assume will be at 8GB in a couple of days. I will keep watching it.
  3. There are a few errors in the logs which seem to be centred on a few files which have corrupted JPEG’s / audio files. They’ve been there for quite a while and one day I’ll figure out how to track them down. But I add them here in case it prompts some thinking. This is not a growing list of files though, it’s an initial list after container start and that’s it. So very unlikely to be causing anything.
(stbl) unknown chunk id: sbgp
[AAC/oop] GOT 44100/24/2 9837 samples mf=0x1476c8a389f0 underlying_objecttype=-1 underlying_sfidx=-1
Corrupt JPEG data: 103 extraneous bytes before marker 0xd9
[AAC/oop] GOT 44100/24/2 6728 samples mf=0x14ef4c06eff0 underlying_objecttype=-1 underlying_sfidx=-1

I trust this information helps, but please advise if there are any further logs you wish to see.



I have been reading along here a lot.

On Debian Linux base (Ubuntu, Mint…) occasionally a memory increase was observed temporarily.

With my Arch Linux (Manjaro) or Windows 10 I could not recreate this behavior.

Hi @marshalleq, after a reboot of the Core is the memory using the same?

If you go to Settings > Library does it show analysis happening?

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Dylan, with all respect, we know a reboot/restart will probably fix it - but only short time. Can Roon finally acknowledge the issue and actually do something about it? And I’m not talking about a built in timed reboot function. I’m sure plenty of people are more than willing to provide evidence and logs :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I restarted it again yesterday, today it is up to 3.5GB in use. Which while not 8GB (yet) is still excessive. This is the kind of memory you need to run a whole OS, not a single application.

There is not analysis happening right now, though I have been adding a number of new tracks, of which clearly will have been analysed. But this is not excessive number of anything - a few hundred or so.

My expectation is that if I leave it for a few days it will keep increasing, but I will monitor it and report back.


At least in my system, the RAM problem does not appear when scanning the library. After initializing / pronouncing Roon Server, the occupied RAM is small. It gradually grows as you listen to music / browse the application and has a boom when backing up the database.
Check this post: Memory leaks on QNAP - #17 by DanielAvasilichioaei

So I haven’t really been using it, but today I just checked in on it and see the memory is at 3.6G. This might not seem like much or anecdotal, but I do suspect it will continue to creep upwards.

Will be using it a bit shortly, will see if that adds anything of consequence from a memory perspective.

Today, I’m at 3.96GB memory used (while idle).

Just restarted Roon Server (Windows 10), have not played a single song.

Info: [stats] 13403mb Virtual, 8760mb Physical, 7061mb Managed, 2037 Handles, 53 Threads

My library has 662k tracks, 99% local (NAS).
Roon Server is running on Core i7 Intel NUC with 32GB RAM (see above - Roon would constantly be swapping with less)

One day later I’m at 4.35 gig.

@Joel you indicated this support topic would get some assistance, is that still true? Are you guys doing something in the background? Do you need anything extra from me? Thanks.

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Dylan just posted this in another thread


Hi @marshalleq, I posted this last week in a another thread:

This is something we’re looking into and we will keep everyone updated in that post.