Roon + Meridian suddenly starts playing

Just now: the Meridian 818v3 + DSP8000SE just started playing, at 7 AM. I turned the Meridian gear off, using the Meridian remote. A few minutes later, it started again. (Meridian can turn on when it receives streaming input, even when off.) And a third time.

Sorry, wasn’t finished, self-submitted.

All three times the music selection was random, not what I was playing before.

Also, the IPad is unable to connect to Roon. This happens frequently. Requires restart to clear this condition.

There was a Windows machine with Roon open and connected to the NUC, but by the third time I had turned that off.

So the Roonserver must have decided to start playing on its own.

The 818v3 has updated firmware including Sooloos. (The self-start happened before the Sooloos update too.)

The NUC and 818v3 are connected directly with an Ethernet cable, no switch, with static IP addresses. (+NUC is on Wifi.)

Wrt being unable to connect to Roon, I think that has to do with my network. When I had Roon running on a Windows machine, it was able to control Roonserver. But after shutting down the Roon remote client and restarting it, it couldn’t find the Roonserver. But Windows Explorer couldn’t get to the NUC either, nor could RDP. So ignore this aspect.

But the auto-play…

I went to look in History. It claims to have been playing a motley collection of tracks, no complete albums, all night. Didn’t, we would have noticed, open loft style house. Unless it played on the headphone zone – is there a way in History to find out the zone?

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser…

There is not, sadly. Any luck determining what’s going on here? Happy to grab some logs @AndersVinberg and take a deeper look, but I haven’t heard of anything like this before.

Just let me know and we’ll see if there’s anything to be gleaned from the logs.

@mike, my Sooloos rig did this a couple of times earlier this year. M HQ were looking into it. No mystery cats, stray sunbeams, microwaves etc involved. Very intrusive at 03.00 when your big rig kicks in at 65 !!!

In my case it was always playing the earliest available unplayed Tidal track in my queue.

Just sharing in case there is any similarity with what you see in Anders’ logs.

@mike How do I upload logs? Only done it with a support id assigned…

Just PM’d you @AndersVinberg.

@AndersVinberg & @ncpl . I don’t think poltergeists can be ruled out here. Are your houses, by any chance, constructed above ancient burial grounds ?

@andybob Do you mean doors slamming and drawers opening and closing? Doesn’t everybody have those?


@mike I just had this. Roon started at 2am with loud chamber music coming out of my 8ks. Not a good thing.

@Ludwig @AndersVinberg – you’re both running latest Meridian firmware right?

Also, @Ludwig, remind me which Meridian endpoint this happened with?

You got me. It’s also an 818v3 like Anders. And it’s never happened before that arrived.

Remotes were in another room. There is no cat.

@mike I upgraded my firmware a week ago. And it has not happened since. In fact it only happened for a few days.

What firmware are you running now?

2.447 I think? Not near the system at the moment. Sooloos update a few weeks ago.
3.07 on the 8k.

2.477 is the latest Sooloos build, which I also have, so our ID41s must be on the same.
3.07 is the new SE build, which I also have.

What 818v3 firmware do you have? (There are already multiple versions.) Mine is running 3.93.

How do I view that?

Put the 818 into standby, then press Display.

Ah. I have 3.90.
Important to upgrade? Seems to work ok for me.