Roon message "transport, failed to load media" [Solved]

Just upgraded Roon the other day, worked fine but today wont play anything whether CD rip or from Tidal…error message is “transport, failed to load media” Any ideas?

System is Roon on MacMini, Macbook used as remote

If you could give some more information about your setup that would help. See:

Headless MacMini w El Capitan running Roon, controlled by MacBook ( also El Capitan ) Music library on Firewire hard drive…Roon has been running OK for many months…will now play TIDAL albums in Roon library, Ripped CDs play from iTunes but not via Roon

Is the MacMini plugged into a DAC? If so what DAC and how is it connected.

The Mini goes via a Weiss Firewire SPDF converter into a Behringer DSP crossover which drives the Sanders Electrostatics. If I select a track in iTunes on the Mini it plays on the speakers so that part seems to work OK…TIDAL tracks in Roon seem to play OK but not music which is on the Firewire connected hard drive…maybe the link between Roon and the harddrive is broken?

It certainly sounds that way. If you go to the storage tab in settings, does it show your hard drive as active?
@mike might be able to shed some light.

It seems to be active…I did rescan it and I think the default iTunes library is that one…just reflecting, in recent days I have been listening to TIDAL imports so the CD rip problem may have been present since the ROON upgrade, hard to tell though

Problem solved I think…the hard drive which contains the iTunes library had become disconnected from iTunes on the Mini…now restored and everything seems fine

having same problem after updating Roon to current version…message is " Transport; failed to load media"

Roon core on Macmini, Roon Server on Macbook on network…Macbook displays albums etc but wont play them

Hi David,

Glad it’s working for you again.

Still having issues here @diw? Does the track in question play in iTunes, or are you having problems there and in Roon?

Everything is fine…dont know how the hard drive got deselected but not a Roon problem…when TIDAL gets MQA my Roon environment will be hunky-dory…best and thanks for your helpful responses