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I have ripped by CD collection and scanned all the CD inlays.
When I imported them into Roon the scans and messed up (inverted etc)

If I view the same image in Windows they are displayed properly.

Here are a few examples

On windows

On Roon

Any idea what is wrong?

The scans need to be saved with the correct orientation before importing into Roon.

Hi @Martin_Webster
As you can see in my post I have pasted the screenshot of how it looks in Windows. The orientation is correct there.

You need to check orientation using an image editor. It’s likely that the image viewer automatically rotates the image.

Even did that, hence I’m surprised what is wrong
See the same scans in ACDSEE

The EXIF data might be incorrect, so you need to use an image editor, and not a view. What do you see in, for instance, the GIMP? Likewise, is auto-rotate enabled in ACDSee?

Hi @Martin_Webster
You are spot on.
I get this when I opened the image

Is there a way I can do a one-off fix for all images in the root folder? Or do I have to do one by one?

I deleted all metada of the image files and then rotated the images. Did a re-scan of the album in Roon. Still the images are rotated in Roon

Try this:

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You could download and use XnConvert, a free bulk image converter.

Use an image editor (Irfanview) to rotate the images and save them.

Thanks @Martin_Webster & @David_Gibson
Issue is resolved :slight_smile:

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