ROON metadata errors best to be solved by users (here 5 of mine)

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Hi, to start good, I love Roon so I bought the lifetime license and have no regrets :blush:.
Nevertheless I would like to report 4 data errors and propose a solution for these. There are others but this is my list :

  1. Records from artists with the same name put together
    ex. the Japanese Metal band Anthem, the hard-rock band China, and others …
    Here the software could check the members to see that at least 1 member from that record is a member from the band mentioned.
  2. Member data not complete and/or not up to date
    ex. Gotthard where the actual drummer, Flavio Mezzodi, is missing and the mentioned Steve Lee past away in 2010.
    It would be nice to see if they are actual members or past members and what instrument they played in the band (if more than one only the most important ?).
  3. Artist/member info for an album / song missing.
    ex. the Japanese Metal band Anthem
    Also here it would be nice to add the members and indicate which instrument they played.
    Also for the each song from a specific album it is sometimes nice to knows who plays on it when missing (members and possible guest artists).
  4. Wrong lyrics
    I can’t think about one right now but they exist. An option to report this ?
  5. General group/artist info wrong
    ex. “Robin George” who is a guitar player gives artist info from a sculptor (1904-1928) ?!
    This has nothing to do with music or the artist mentioned in the discography, see .

How can we solve this ?
One solution would be that you correct links in the ROON database but perhaps / probably that wouldn’t solve all aspects.
Another / additional solution (especially for the artists with the same name) would be to the make the data ‘open source’ like the option for better pictures so that members can change the data or report problems like the wrong artist link from “Robin George”.
Roon users should be able to edit/change the data using info from artist web pages, albums they have or perhaps even record company’s or group members who edit their own pages …
That info could be members from a band, members at a specific time for a specific album or even members for a specific song on a record (info which is missing a lot at this time).
To avoid wrong info being added I think that we need an option to dispute the info / Roon member who made the changes. The dispute would not correct the data immediately but would send a flag for investigation by the Roon team.
P.S. : I also liked another post about similar issues, “So many wrong things with metadata” from 2021 where also solutions where proposed by users.

@Dirk_Volder, welcome to the Community. I re-categorized your post from the general technical Support category to the Metadata Support category so Roon and other users can assist.

Hi Robert,
By moving my request no one from @support will read this and nothing will change. Our goal should be to create a better program for all music lovers.

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