Roon Metadata Improver Update? [Fixed]

I have the same problem…started when i got back from a trip weds night and fired up roon and added a new album from HD tracks. No resolution c any reboots of Core or Mac Mini. Now every new album added from Tidal has no cover art. 0therwise everything else works well. Cable modem to Airport extreme to wall to switch to mac mini c ext thunderbolt drive housing music. Microrendu on network via ethernet from same switch c USB from rendu to iFiMicroDSD to amp to my Vandys. Sounds awesome esp now c the UpTone LPS-1 powering the Rendu as of last night! Still would like the Metadata improver error to go away!

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Hang tight, support has my logs, I am sure we will see a solution to this in due time, just enjoy the tunes :metal:

In my opinion it’s quite plausible. No fun, those people. :laughing:


Same problem here in Japan.

Control: Windows10 64bit Home
Core: 64bit Linux CENTOS7

I don’t use wifi, and all PCs are connected via Gigabit ethernet.

I found this problem yesterday and the internet connectivity has been fine.


Same situation here. Any solution?
I’m using v1.2 (build 161).

Hey folks – we gathered logs from a few of you over the weekend and we’re looking into this. Will update this thread as soon as we have some more information.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience!

@mike @Eric thanks guys, its much appreciated. Don’t require the metadata to enjoy the music so I am sure we will survive until this is sorted :slight_smile: Cheers!

Same problem here (in Montana USA) Roon 1.2 (build 161), late-2012 quad-core i7 Mac Mini, El Capitan OS 10.11.6

cable internet > cable modem > Ericsson unmanaged switch > Apple AirPort Extreme > Mac Mini

NAS library > the same Apple Airport Extreme. Using WiFi only for Roon Remote on an iPad Pro 12.9, otherwise everything else is hard-wired ethernet CAT6. No problems with internet access from the Mini or anywhere else in the house.

About the same time the warning triangle showed up I experienced a couple of Roon warnings about checking my network after I had tried going to Tidal from within Roon, and also after doing a search on an album title that seemed to take forever. However, using Speedtest from the Mini got then and am still getting the theoretical max from my cable internet subscription of 10mbps up and 5mbps down.

The window with the Triangle warning about Metadata Improver halted also shows 4 tracks added, 0 identified and a spinning circular arrow.

Restarting Roon, rebooting the Mini does not clear the triangle.


Steve Z

The latest update that came out tonight as fixed my meta-data improve error!! All previously on labeled albums now show the correct label from Tidal! Strong work team!


Same - warning triangle is gone - metadata is loading and completed! Thanks Roon Support !

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Yes, everthing is working here as well.


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All appears to be well for me also. Thanks Team Roon!

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Red triangle has gone. Everything is fine.
Thanks support team!

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On restarting after installing the new build, the importing albums log-jam completed the import and the Metadata Improver process was evidently able to run to completion and not halted. So no warning triangle.

So development team, was this a fix incorporated into the latest stable build, or was it a matter of just shaking up the box by process of updating and restarting?

Either way, it’s good the warning has cleared. Thanks for continuing to push toward 1.3.

Steve Z

Hey @zettelsm, glad to here you are up and running. There was a change in the latest build.

Thanks very much. I appreciate the update and all of the Roon team’s continuing development and support.

Now, quit answering posts on Thanksgiving!

All the best.

Steve Z

I currently have a very similar issue with build 165. Albums added from Tidal do not show the correct artwork. If I edit the album manually I can see and select the correct artwork, however after saving the edits the artwork doesn’t change. Additionally the identification of added albums is much slower than before. My internet connection is unchanged working fine at 50mbps. Any help would b eappreciated.

False alarm, a reboot of the roon server fixed the issue, all album art showing correctly now.

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