Roon Metadata Override Causes Ripped Files Not To Play In Library - Solution

I have .wav files that exceed the ~2,500,000 KB size limit that my file-tagging software will work with (I think this is imposed by the limits of 32 bit file systems); I use a DAW to get these large files from a ripped vinyl record.

Recently one of the files on an album that I had exceeded the limit so I broke it into 2 smaller files and saved them as file#5.wav and file#6.wav to bring them both below the limit. I gave the files titles of track i (file #5) and track ii (file #6), and the Roon Library nicely renamed it as a suite with track i and track ii listed.

The original vinyl album has 5 tracks, there are no other re-mastered versions of this album so the 5 tracks are the only known tracks for this album. When the Roon Library uses metadata for the album based on the mastering data I tagged to the files, the folder name etc., it appears that it is somehow “overriding” my 6 files and will not play file #5.

File #5’s (track i) file information available in the “View File Info…” metadata shows it is pointing to file #6 for some reason. When the player gets to file #5 (track i) it simply will not play and stops all playback; bummer!!

I know that all 6 files are good and will play on JRiver just fine, so it’s not the files.

After multiple iterations and permutations of 6 files, I came to a realization that Roon’s Library Metadata appears to be overriding the file system that shows 6 files with it’s own 5 (metadata) files it sees in the metadata it is using. Soooo, I decided to take part of track 4 and combine it with the music in track 5 to create just 5 total files that are under the 2,500,000 KB limit. Voila!! Now the 5 tracks play as expected; they are just not technically correct in terms of the music content.

This appears to be a cause and effect test showing override issues from the Roon Library Metadata. If this is the case, in my opinion, it should play the files anyway I want to create them regardless of what the metadata on the internet or wherever the Roon Library gets it’s information.

Has anyone else ever had this problem with the Roon Library and your own ripped files?
Can you explain why this is happening if my test conclusions are inaccurate?
Can we override the library’s metadata if it’s the cause?

Any help greatly appreciated!

If all the files are in the same folder you probably don’t need to tag them all, i.e. Roon will probably recognise the album even if you omit the metadata for the 5th (overly large) track.