Roon Metdata, this could be a lot better

I spent months now entering credits ,many missing from the (All Music Guide) roon data Base
Any lp with different line ups is a problem with roon, some times the credits are there in a long list for the whole cd set ,which is pretty useless (the same as al music guide)
While is nice having All music guides reviews (most of the times ),what about the rest of the cd or lp artwork
like the original notes on the back ? or the cd booklet notes we have to scan those
Roon seems more concerned with other features ,Even the people on this forum don’t seem to care about credits ,Maybe it only effects Jazz fans It would be great if they could make a deal with Discogs They out do
ALL Music guide
a nice feature II would love to have ,is making the page that comes up when you hit credits on a song
have a copy and pate button ,at least then ,one wouldn’t have to reenter credits for each lp

I would also love to get the missing 50% lyrics (~50000 tracks) which roon isn’t serving or the 20% artists roon isn’t aware and since not recognised also not served with bio.
And yes, I share your thoughts about the basics should be of higher prior against goodies such as Qobuz integration or similar things.
It’s more essential to improove an existing feature by 5% but to add a new one which also works anything but close to 100%. I love the ‘display’ thingy but all it adds beside something to play with for a while, is an extra amount of work for roon.