Roon, microrendue Transporter i5 "Lost Connection" ills

I’m done with the ST .

I feel your frustration jimmy.

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So I bought a surface pro which came in today and I’ve had no problems connecting to Roon . Not a single hiccup on Windows . Zero problems on Mac too .

Yes my Surface Pro worked too, pretty well in fact but I find it hard to quantify the differences in SQ. I felt that when the Sti5 was in place, it delivered a more 3D landscape but having all the issues I had, swapping cables, routers, locations, settings, voodoo chants, I no longer have any idea what I was hearing. The Lindemann Musicbook continues to be the best piece of gear I’ve purchased in the last 51 years as I continue to enjoy music through the microrendu/Musicbook DSD combo.

The replaced STi5 is (hopefully) sitting at my front door. Interesting to see if it works at all.

Here’s a bet that you will still have problems. i did with the replacement.
I find it interesting that Roon has decided to come up with their own music server .

After running perfectly for a couple of months my ST i5 stopped recognizing my Samsung external SSD. I shipped both back to @agillis and he replicated the problem but only with that particular SSD. Others worked fine. He suggested replacing the external SSD with an internal SSD which I did. It’s been working perfectly since.
I sent the SSD back to Samsung where it was checked out and deemed fine and I subsequently sold it and the new owner has had no problems. I think but am not sure that the SSD problem started at the same time as a Roon software update but I wasn’t able to nail down the timing to be sure. So the whole thing is a mystery.

I tried 4 different external hard drives and none of them worked properly with the I5 .
One Seagate and WD (not SSD drives ) and a Samsung T3 and a Oyen Shadow SSD .
I I removed the external drive and just played Tidal , connectivity was fine , yet isn’t the point of Roon is how well it integrates Tidal and your music . It is brilliant from that standpoint .

I have the same problem with STi5. In fact, two problems as I have two STi5s in two different houses. Two diferent external HDDs, different routers, etc – same problem. It all started with 1.3. Spent considerable time with Roon support and Gillis and got nowhere.

I thought built 234 was a step forward, but I am not so sure now.

My sense is that Roon and SGC know very well about the problem but are in no rush to fix it.

One “solution” that “helps” in my case is disconnecting Tidal. I then have more stable access to my HDD library. But I can as well switch off the system and go watch a movie.

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Well it is no surprise to me that Roon is coming up with their own music servers.

i believe if you either disconnect the external hard drive or connect the external hard drive and disable Tidal you will probably have decent connection stability.

But that’s not what Roon is stellar at. It is stellar at integration of your hard drive and Tidal. The best music software ive ever used.

Robin Trower is “spinning” on my Lindemann DSD microrendu STi5 as I post this update. In ~4 listening sessions I needed 1 reboot as the system had frozen. But not a single lost connection. My 1st unit played without fail for weeks before deciding to send me on a second job attempting to find out why. I know one thing for sure. My network was and is solid.

If it’s software it may rear its ugly head again. Hardware I doubt it.

Goodness the system is sounding amazing. Time to have an audio party :wink:

Did you have an internal hard drive installed?

No internal hard drive installed.

Well, it’s been around a month now with the new STi5 in place and no more lost connection ills.

2 things:
It makes me ill how much time I devoted to thinking it was user error. Go through this thread and see a snapshot.

Computer audio is computer audio. What I mean is that it is the dark days of computers. Passwords, accounts, cyber security, shit don’t work and nobody knows why and most of all LiTunes. Why Apple continues to survive with poorly written Malware called iTunes is beyond my comprehension. Oops there I go again bashing crap software.

No more lost connections. It did require a few reboots, easy to live with.

So the Sti5 works and Roon is the best software since DOS 5. :wink:

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Thanks for the kind words @Michael_De_Salvo!

Going to close this thread now – please let us know if you have any more issues.