Roon mismatches ID3vx standard tagging through file preferences and presents rubbish

Roon Core Machine

QNAP 872XT, i5 8th gen. 6 core, 64GB Ram, with 3x 10Gbe NIC’s. Roon Core volume resides on a dedicated NvMe volume of 70GB (only 3% is used)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear XS712v2 10Gbe switch (managed) everything is wired at CAT6A, wallsockets also CAT6A approved

Connected Audio Devices

Aurallic Aries mini
6x Chromecast devices

Number of Tracks in Library

10227 track in 701 albums

Description of Issue

For some fields when importing Albums i “Prefer file” over “Prefer Roon”, see below :

I’m manually tagging almost all my Albums with MP3Tag(v3.12) and there is a mismatch what Roon is presenting and which data is in the file, a few examples below (pay attention on the “-” characters and/or spaces) :

In MP3tag tag “Album” : Stereoplay CD30 The best of highlights

In MP3tag tag “Album” : Stereoplay-CD30-The best of highlights

In MP3tag tag “Album” : Stereoplay CD2 Highlights (Meisterwerke aus Rock und Pop)

In MP3tag tag “Album” : Stereoplay-CD2-Highlights (Meisterwerke aus Rock und Pop)

Furthermore :
In MP3tag tag “Cover” : (1/1) (so there is no second cover in the file itself)

and also not in the album folder :

Result in Roon :

My default for cover is normally “prefer file” but this cover is NOT in the tag “cover” AND not in the folder where that album resides, see above……???..I also checked the Recycle Bin of that volume, the album was never removed or deleted earlier and the Recycle bin is empty.

Best regards,
Léon Jehae

Same problem… certainly you have to get your hands dirty and maybe agree to change, go back to these physical file classification habits and add additional tags in the audio files to cheat/force roon to present as we see it would like…

But it must be worth it, we will find the tricks

Roon automatically truncates “CD” or “Disc” because metadata tags often include those numbering schemes in multi disc sets – but few canonical album titles actually include them.


Thnx but that doesn’t explain the cover mismatch. Furthermore i wil post more strange things in Roon that in my opinion are after the latest update. Example : there are songs from CD1 who resides in Roon under CD2 and vice versa. (In MP3Tag they have separate albumnames of course). Again thnx for the response :pray:

Another example what is happening in Roon, see below



and then

On that we have already “solutions” (e.g. workaround) like the use of the “edit” option in Roon and or use the Albumartist “Various Artists Stereoplay” to sort them out of the regular “Various Artists”. But my opinion : The option “prefer file” should work 1:1 otherwise what is the logic of that option?

That would be the same when u use the edit option and despite Roon would display something else?

I have tagged over 700 Albums and this has never happened jet…is there a way to get direct support from Roon?

Another example of rubbish :

Just imported album Stereoplay CD 27 Yesterday’s.

  • Okay accepted to use (or not) CD or Disc and change the naming
  • Okay accepted that covers in “cover tag” AND option “prefer file” in Roon is not working
    But now i have two Albums when importing the above CD (and not used CD or Disc)
    Both albums with covers that are not the cover of the album
    One album contains the tracks except track 12 AND approximately 10 other tracks from Stereoplay CD33 who is okay in Roon. The other album contains track 12

Now both albums merged together and removed the false 10 records of CD33 :see_no_evil:

That did the job but what sense makes manual tagging when Roon can’t read the file taggings properly? HELP when i’m doing something wrong i would like to know also.

Like i said, i’ve tagged 700 albums and this is the first time Roon is acting like this. Not hacked by deadbolt because :

  • 1.) There is nothing strange on (all) the other apps and files on the Qnap NAS and
  • 2.) My NAS has no internet connection (out to in)

Same with the Hifi Visionen albums, import a second CD(8) and all the tracks are merged with CD11??? Via “Group tracks” manually corrected it to CD8. Further, for all stereoplay and Hifi Visionen no (extra) album art is shown that resides in the corresponding “Artwork” subfolder like all the other 700 albums. What is displaying (rotating on now playing screen) are all the album covers of all the stereoplay CD’s, same with all the Hifi Visionen CD’s?..a total mess, how/where does Roon retrieve his data? “Prefer file” should always be prio1 when enabled. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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