Roon misses a lot of cover art

My Roon library of about 1200 albums and 16,404 files fails to display about 10% to 20% of the cover art I know is there. I say this because I can also view my library in JRiver, where virtually all of the cover art that can’t be viewed in Roon is visible. The cover art is in the tags, but Roon can’t see it. In some cases, when I go to “edit album” I can see the cover art, where Roon has checked the wrong box. In such cases, I can restore the art simply. However, in most cases, there is simply “no image” (again, I know there is, because it is visible in JRiver.)

I have not had the chance to systematically go thru the library to see every case. I’m hoping someone can tell me why so many images are unavailable in Roon, when Jriver can see them. All files are stored locally on my SSD. Thanks. – David

Just some guesses to try and find the problem:

  • What audio file format are your music files (Wav, Flac ectera)
  • What image format are the problems files (jpg, png ectera)
  • Are images definitently embedded in audio files rather than just as separate file e.g folder.jpg
  • What size are the problem files (200x200, 1000x1000) etc

An idea for you (its my own software but may help you)

  • Install SongKong Lite (Free)
  • Select Music folder, then select Status Report task
  • As part of report will Create spreadsheet showing all your metadata
  • Browse the spreadsheet, you may then be able to see a clear difference between when image is shown and when not.

Did you use the prefer own album art switch when importing?

No, I chose “best”

Thanks I’ll check it out.

Paul, just a side note to your very helpful comment. Roon is a premium product. One should be able to assume that any cover art successfully displayed in Jriver should likewise show in Roon. Your program is very interesting and helpful. But to use a (slightly exaggerated) analogy, it’s like buying a new Maserati and being told you have to pop the hood, buy a special screwdriver and tweak the transmission just to make it run correctly. David

This is what I tried to tell Roon over and over and over.

It makes no sense that a $500 product performs so badly when other “FREE” products can handle the job without issue.

Plex is another product that is able to handle cover art without issue, even TIDAL cover art for artists comes through with Plex and NOT on Roon. This is absurd .

Here is another Free product that I was using on my desktop in Linux
Lollypop Music Player, out performs Roon by a mile in terms of function.

Artist bio, lyrics Artist bio, lyrics: Get artists and tracks information from the web.
Intuitive browsing: Walk through your collection by genres/artists and through albums artwork.
Play many audio formats: mp3, mp4, ogg, and flac
Cover art downloader: Automatic artwork downloader from, Itunes and Spotify.
MTP devices: Sync your music with Android phones and any mtp devices…
Fullscreen view: Visual access from your couch
Party mode: Let Lollypop choose music for you.
Native replay gain support.
Search in your collection by artist, album and title.

What I didn’t understand from your post: does Roon not show any cover art in those cases - indicated by those grey parquet flooring style generic thumbs - or does it show what Roon believes to be the best picture.

There are cases where “best” is the wrong option because the decision is just made based on the pixel count for the cover in question. If you happen to have a smaller cover (and be it just by 5 px) but of (much) higher visual quality like with lesser compression / compression artefacts Roon currently would not use it when set to “best”.

In case your problem is indeed that cover art doesn’t get extracted from your files even so it is there some example mediainfo output or - that may something @support would probably request - some example files for investigation would be helpful.

Out of curiosity: how does this help David to solve the problem?

The ‘best’ picture for Roon = an artistic head shot, it must complement the Roon ecosystem. If not then they would rather show a grey hash square.

Best cover art isn’t chosen that way. See Mike’s post below:

For some reason Roon isn’t extracting embedded images from David’s files. @support will track down why, probably by looking at an example file.

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I don’t think any of the above helps @David_Zigas solve the problem. If there’s files where JRiver can see the artwork and Roon can’t, I’d like our @support team to gather a few examples so a developer can take a look and figure out what is going wrong. If something isn’t working we should be fixing it, not grasping for workarounds.

Hello @David_Zigas,

Can you please send us a few examples of albums with cover art missing and where the cover art is in the tags? I will PM you instructions on how to send those over to us shortly.


Noris – thanks. I can certainly send wav files (all my files are in wav) where the art appears in Jriver, but not in Roon. But I’m afraid I’m at a loss as to “where the cover art is in the tags.” The only thing I can note is that I use Jriver to do my “metatagging.” If I have a jpg from a ripped CD, for example (and they are all jpgs), I use the “add cover art” feature in Jriver. Then I use Jriver’s library function to “update the tags” in the files that I store in the library folders that Roon uses.

Having said that, is it helpful for me to send the wav files where the art appears in jriver, but not Roon? Thanks. – David

That’s probably the issue. Wav files don’t support file tags in the same way as FLAC. Jriver may be using a non-standard format to embed images.

Andy — All my files are wav, and they all have been tagged in Jriver with the art. The art appears in Roon files in maybe 80% of them. What is special/wrong with the other 20%? That’s the question. Thanks. – David

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  1. Allegro - 1.wav

Andante - 3.wav

Benny Goodman - King Porter Stomp (1935) - 5.wav

Noris – here are 3 examples I uploaded to your server. All are files that should have the album art in the tags. One poster noted that wav files can’t contain art, but that doesn’t explain why in about 80% of the files, it does appear in Roon, even though they are all wav files. Thanks. – David

That is a common misconception, Wav supports the ID3 tagging standard and this includes artwork. However it didn’t use to support it and it is not so well supported by audio players ectera as mp3, flac ectera.

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Hi David, yes Roon should ideally work I was just trying to help you to gather the evidence to work out the difference between the 80% and the 20%. And SongKong Lite is free so no payment needed for the suggestion above.