Roon missing album [Solved]

I have 585 albums in my library and is trying to add another 16.

I can add the following 15 albums without a problem:

When adding the last of the 16 albums the number of albums stay at 600 instead of increasing to 601 as expected.

Notice how there are two “Brahms: Double Concerto” with completely different orchestras but it could confuse roon.

I need some @support from roon as I’m already stuck and something clearly goes wrong. I can’t reproduce this with an empty library as I don’t want to remove all TIDAL favorites again and add them one by one.

Even when viewing hidden items the album does not appear. When adding the album count briefly goes to 601 but then something changes and it goes back to 600.

After you add the album, have you tried to go to Setttings/Services click on Edit for Tidal and use the sync now feature? That may help.

I’m already doing that but there is some weird stuff happening as I removed all albums and now all 16 albums show up in roon when starting from scratch. Works as expected so far.