Roon missing tracks from album folder

Album purchased yesterday from HDTracks, two tracks that are in album folder are missing from Roon and fix track grouping. JRiver 22 can recognize the album and all 4 tracks, all are tagged properly.

Roon 1.2 (build 157)
OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6
Files on 4TB Seagate Backup Plus, USB3 into iMAC
1 album that I paid attention to, I trusted that was not an issue in Roon since albums are newly bought
Hommage a Grieg
tracks 1 and 4 missing
AIFF 352 kHz 24 bit

Hi @Mahab_Khatib ---- My apologies for the trouble here. Thank you for the feedback and clarifying your setup, that information is extremely helpful in our evaluation.

I see that you have your music content being stored on a 4TB Seagate HD mounted USB3 to your iMac. As a very small test, I would like you to please take the two tracks (1 & 4) and move them off of the external hard drive to internal storage on the iMac. Can you please confirm if roon is able to identify the tracks after they have been moved? Thanks!


I created a folder on iMac with the albums of the missing tracks, and I only placed the missing tracks in them, but Roon couldn’t see them. I added a copy of an album (CeU) 16bit to the test folder, and Roon was able to see it, but not the other tracks.


Im having the same issue. My files are on a Qnap 471 NAS. Attaching a photo of the album and the tidal version for comparison. Tracks 3 and 4 are missing.

@Mahab_Khatib and @vin_k ----- Thank you both very much for the feedback and once again, my apologies for the trouble.

There are a variety of reasons why files may not appear in Roon as seen here. I would like to try and test with this content in house to see if we can reproduce the problem you both are experiencing.

@Mahab_Khatib, are you able to provide me the two tracks you are referencing via DropBox?

@vin_k, same thing. Are you able to provide me the tracks in question via DropBox?


Eric, Happy to, let me know where to drop it. Thanks

Sure, please let me know where and how.