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Asus AC1900

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Partial Imports of Albums Into Roon

Roon doesn’t always import my entire album but it looks like it did.

I will post two images.
1st one 6 tracks in folder - 2 show up in roon
2nd one 29 tracks in folder - 6 show in roon

I hit re-scan - same problem - no change tracks still missing
I hit fix track grouping - only see limited number of tracks
I delete the folder - re-copy - re-paste - same result
I check skipped tracks - no record

This is painful:

  1. No idea how many screwed up imports I have - how do I get a master list?
  2. No idea how to fix these - how do I fix these?

2 More Examples - this time with a Bob Dylan 14 CD Box Set!


Hi @David_Haaf,

To start, let’s focus on the Frank Zappa album. Do any of these tracks appear in Skipped Files?

Are you able to find the missing tracks by using the find tracks by path option?

Hi Dylan,

I found them in the track path - what a mess. How does this happen & how do I fix this?

Hi @David_Haaf,

It looks like Roon placed these into a different album. For now, you can use the merge albums function to put them back into a single album.

How were these tracks added? Were they ripped directly into the watched folder? All added at once from a different location?

Hi Dylan,

That was a tough one. I ended up deleting the tracks and re-pasting after wasting a lot of time but I did learn several new things about Roon. The 2nd go round they went in ok but I did have to manually identify the album. I am going to try to fix a few more I might have more questions.

Thank you very much for the help and links.


Hi Dylan,

The Bob Dylan is giving me such a headache. The rolling thunder came out originally on a 2 disc set and as a second release as a 14 disc box - these are each in their own folders inside a bob dylan folder inside music 3 folder. I created a 3rd show selecting the best of the best that is in my music 4 folder. For some stupid reason Roon put them in a blender and commingled into a giant mess :frowning:

Why - oh why??

Hi @David_Haaf,

How are your folders structured for this box set? Can you share a screenshot of this as well as how things are looking in Roon?

Here are some details about how to best organize your boxed sets:

That’s what playlists are good for. Creating your own “Best of …” album might just lead

Hi BlackJack and thank you and good effort on your best of. I don’t know about you but for me the Rolling Thunder Tour was Dylan’s best. I was lucky to see several of the East Cost Shows and they burned an indelible image into my brain!

Unfortunately I have a lot of bootlegs and best of’s that I created before Roon. I want them to go in without a glitch, as I find Roon’s Editing and Organizational functions to be extremely cumbersome at best. I do know about playlists and have made a number of them but it is brutal trying to edit after creation - I find it much faster to start over - but what a time suck…I really hope they improve this soon.
You are right about a GIANT MESS as I lost my core machine and my data base got corrupted - my best option was to use a db from early 2019 = so now I am working around the clock to get it back…

Hi Dylan,

Please help me with this Johny Cash Album. I can not find the first 3 missing tracks and Roon refuses to import them?


Hi Dylan,

Sorry please forget my last post. I see it is 2 tracks not 3 and the rip is bad…
I am really burning out on this db rebuild.

Is there a way to enable the up/down, L/R keys in the editors?

Also is there a way to use the track viewer as an editor and navigate it like MS Excel?
That would speed things up A LOT…

Hi Dylan,

This is the Dylan Box. After reading your link I think this is not the way Roon want’s it - please let me know if I am understanding correctly. It seems iTunes organized all of my multi discs and box sets like this so it is going to be a lot of work to redo all of them.


Hi @David_Haaf,

Yes, based on the screenshot it looks like the Bob Dylan box set isn’t organized in a way that we recommend. It looks like all 14 discs are showing in Roon though — Are there any tracks missing?

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