Roon mixing Robert Cray and Robert Gray by Tidal


can you please have a look at the artist Robert Cray byTidal.

Roon shows 41 albums while Tidal is showing only 17 albums. Reason is that Roon combines the legendary Blues guitarist Robert Cray with the rather unknown electronic musician Robert Gray. Obviously those two have absolutely nothing in common.

Since the mistake doesnt exist in Tidal, problem is very likely caused by Roon. Can you please separate the two independent artists again.

Appreciate your assistance.

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Same when i look. How random…

Hi Tom, I took a look and the reason is that someone added an incorrect Artist Name alias to MusicBrainz’s Robert Cray entry.

I’ve removed the bad entry and things should sort themselves out in a few days. If things aren’t fixed by mid next week, please ping us again!

Thanks for letting us know.



Thx very much for the speedy fix. Databases seem not having synced yet, so no change yet. Lets wait till next week…

What seriously concerns me is the sentence in your screenshot: “Aliases […] contain common misspelllings of the name and are also used to improve serach results.”

I see this as severe danger of database integrity. You cant mix aliases with potential misspellings!

If this is widely used, it can totally corrupt the database and Robert Cray is only the tip of the iceberg, Already had a couple of similar problems before, which all can be explained by this weird usage of aliases. E.g. the metal singer Laos and the techno band L.A.O.S. are mixed up as well. Fixed that for me by blocking L.A.O.S.

IMHO it needs to be addressed to MusicBrainz that this is not gonna work.

Hey @Yeti.Tom,

I can understand your concern but you’re in good hands with @joel. We discuss these and other concerns on an ongoing basis. We appreciate your metadata report, they’re extremely helpful to us.

In investigating it looks like the techno band utilizes Laos/L.A.O.S. interchangeably. What you’re seeing there is more likely to be caused by disambiguation issues that result from a lack of rich metadata. It makes it more difficult to distinguish artists with similar names from one another. There doesn’t seem to be an alias problem in that case. :pray:t2:

For these, there is a “Search hint” value in that MusicBrainz “Type” field.

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