Roon mobile, how much is it worth to you? [This is being asked by a user, not Roon. Roon has no intention to charge for mobile access]

The backup thread got me thinking about Roon mobile and how feasible it would be to implement it as free software update. For me, Tidal and Qobuz and Spotify are more than enough when I’m on the move and I’d much prefer to see enhancements in other areas - such as metadata.

So if it was possible to have a mobile Roon experience but there was a cost involved, let’s say €5/month, would you pay it?

Would you pay for Roon mobile?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’m currently looking at running Plexamp concurrently with Roon on the same library so I can take my library on the move. I’d love it if Room Mobile had that capability to save additional set-up and costs.

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You’ve jumped the gun… there is no plan or desire to charge for remote access to your own library.

I’ve made a comment about this here:

I’m just musing really, trying to gauge how important roon mobile is to users, as it’s often mentioned but I’m never quite sure if it just a minority or is it a huge issue for most roon users. A willingness to pay a minimal payment is my way of assessing real desire. I’m not trying to suggest for a moment that it’s a Roon plan to introduce this.


I voted “No” because 1) it is VERY important to me but 2) I think it should be included in the base service, NOT an add-on fee.


If it was just Roon mobile, no. If, as discussed in the other thread, it was an added bonus of some sort of cloud locker or other backup plan then yes, possibly.

Roon on the go would be on little interest to me, paid for or not as when I’m in my van I enjoy BBC Radio, even radio 5 live on AM… :joy: I also dive into audiobooks on CD as well. I know, I’m last century but I love it and it works for me.

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Zero desire for Roon mobile.

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As a lifetimer, I would not accept any extra charge for that feature - period.


I have no need for Roon mobile. Tidal has mobile. The main thing that is missing for me is a functioning Roon/Tidal integration. For me it is far more important that Roon spends its resources on making this integration real. If possible by two way sync. And if this is not possible, then by at least solving the infuriating hassle that is needed to get all Roon features to work with Tidal playlists. If Roon would deliver what they promise on their website: “effortless organization”, “easy, fast, and totally automatic”, “easy to find exactly what you’re looking for”, “combine music files and streaming content in your playlists or use tags for even more flexibility”… I could use Roon for curating my (local copies of) Tidal playlists, and Tidal for listening on the go.


I have no need or desire for Roon mobile. So it’s worth nothing to me.

I have my files on a Synology NAS, so I can access my music from anywhere in the world via the DS Audio app. The full Roon experience is for at home on my own system. On the road (are there any still out there?) my demands are lower and there’s always car radio.

When I travel somewhere for say a week or a month I’d love remote access to my roon library.
I have lots of ripped / downloaded contents, so for example tidal isn’t a solution for me.
Currently I have a couple of work arounds:
For contents that itunes can handle (i.e not dsd, flac), put tracks in playlists and sync them to my phone (at lower res, because my playlists won’t fit at native resolution).
Use “musconv” - a pretty slick app on my mac, to upload my playlists to a music service like amazon music and play from there. But not all tracks are matched / found - I lose about 10% of my music when I do that.

So I’d love a way to play roon music remotely. I have plenty of bandwidth at home etc…


John I voted yes, because if there is an actual cost outside what we originally signed up for then it is not unreasonable that this is passed on.

I currently stream via PlexAmp (and Tidal) when outside of the house (like I am now).
Being an anorak I would like all my listening history in one place. Plus the Roon interface is my favorite way to browse my library and neither Tidal or PlexAmp come close to matching it

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I do this but… a few things that really bug me are…

  • plex doesn’t handle multiple versions of albums very well…
  • plex also doesn’t easily let you know if you are picking the dsd version or the cd version of an album

So when you direct plex to a folder with 6000 albums it gets interesting…

I’m using macOS, I’m not sure how plex handles things in windows… but in mac OS I just select the albums that I’d really want access to with plex and make them symbolic links and put the links in a folder that plex watches… plex won’t link to a file from an alias but it will link to a file from a symbolic link.

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Would this include being able to sync my Roon library with my iPhone?

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I haven’t actually sat down to write the code yet but I think it unlikely.


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As I said in that Roon OS thread:

I’d love it if there were an option to add a second Roon license that ran your Core in the cloud, and automatically incrementally sync’ed your local music and your local metadata, tags and playlists and such, to a “cloud locker”, so that it would be accessible from anywhere with a working WAN connection, be it LTE or StarLink or whatever. Basically just running Core on Azure or whatever. I’d be OK if it required you to also have a LAN Core license (so twice the fee) before you could get the cloud Core. If it also served as a music backup (if you could download from your cloud locker to replace accidentally deleted local music), that would be icing on the cake.

All about convenience.


No interest in Roon Mobile here, converting my modest library to mp3, adding to iTunes then transferring to my iPhone X 250Gb. Don’t see the need for lossless music when out and about on my daily walk, besides even my modest collection would not fit onto my phone without converting to mp3. I’ve learnt not to become an HiRes obsessive :cd: :grinning:

A ROON Mobility function must be implemented without costs. At least te user must have a possibility to choose.

Why chosen NOT to offer this possibility still puzzles me.
I highly depend on Mobility - have good car audio, and good audioset in the cabin, at hone and want to listen good sound quality from my own Library where ever I go, even in the forest walking the dog with a good headset and my beloved iPhone.

Because of lacking the build in Mobility by ROON I decided to build a DIY SoftEtherVPN server software is public domain and the Hardware costs in Total approx €99 or less all included (Raspberrypi4 4GB, 16GB Microcard and 3,5Amp power supply).

This configuration runs as long as i have a ROOn subscription (started in the early years, with RPi3 and moved over to RPi4) and I know a few people who has the same config and are real happy.

This is why an extra Fee/ bonus money or give it a name … for just ONLY mobility is and cannot be justified.
Let ROON focus where they good at, music and sound quality.

I better would see ROON attent more to customer issues what really matters like glitches and bugs … than implementing something what easily can done using a third party and not take resources to drive the audio quality to the Next level.

But hey that is my opinion. Interested in the DIY just sent a me a message