Roon mobile, how much is it worth to you? [This is being asked by a user, not Roon. Roon has no intention to charge for mobile access]

Why not a VPN solution in this you use the Roon library you phone becomes an Roon ‘endpoint’ enabling you to drive, walk, sport wherever there is internet :+1:

I have multiple ways of listening music out of the house, phones, iPod etc.

Data costs in South Africa are such that it would be prohibitive.

I have the ability to do mobile from my library by using JRiver but I never use it

I’m more interested in a genuinely reliable home implementation still. Extending functional scope when you’ve got a backlog of existing bugs feels rash.

Roon’s getting close to a tipping point for me, reliability/testing wise. Another potentially buggy/incomplete feature isn’t a direction that interests me.


I have always used the Tidal app when travelling, so no desire whatsoever for ‘mobile’ Roon, whatever form it takes.

No desire for Roon mobile from me. I have other ways of listening to music/podcasts when on the move.

I would have Plex Server on a Linux box and then use iPhone app. I would have macOS as a device to access the Linux box from.

For Roon, I’d want to hit “play offline” for a track or album in my local library (I own it). I’m sure it would also be good to get offline access to Qobuz, but I can do that today and I mostly listen to my library and definitely want to listen on the move.

I am looking at VPN because it makes sense and I like the DIY aspect. I’m in no hurry as I’m in the UK and until I regularly commute again my offline/out of home usage is very minimal.

And just for the record, I have unlimited data with 4G, thus no problem using it for Roon-based streaming - so it would be nice to have that possibility; but not at extra cost.

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I’d love a mobile version of Roon.

A basic ability to download albums locally to listen when not on my network would be a great start tbh.

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I’ll absolute agree.

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Interested in it, but not if it costs and not at the detriment of other things. Currently far more important things Roon needs to fix before moving on to any new features.


All with you here. 1.8 has a long way to go to regain my trust.


The Tidal app lets you do that.

Worth to me? Nothing. I use Spotify or Qobuz App on the road. Much easier.

Let’s speak business and technology. Roon can easily make their service work well over the web, not only over LAN, but I strongly guess the service providers will not accept that. Tidal and Qobuz see Roon as an opportunity to acquire a new type of customer, the HIFI customers. Having Roon work over the web, including mobile, will make the service providers completely in the backend, which is a business risk on the providers. This is why Spotify, Amazon, and Google do not accept even Roon as it is now.

So, the issue, in my opinion, is the service provider’s acceptance.

Sure but I don’t have any streaming service, just local files. I used to have Tidal but would have still preferred the Roon interface.

I laughed :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hate these types of threads here. They create noise, are completely ignored by our team because the community is a small subset of our users, but end up taking our time anyway.

A better thread is to ask about what Roon Mobile could be or what features people would like. Leave the business model to us – you have too little information to be effective there.

I also use iTunes/Music and it’s auto conversion to lower bitrates. But it would be a charm if don’t have to use this awkward workflow. Roon mobile could behave like Tidal. There I can download the Tracks for offline listening onto the device. If Roon get a similar feature it could convert the files on the fly or by using prepared files in a conversion cache.

Would be good to have a Android and iPhone app to stream Qobuz and Tidal to for example Chord 2GO. No need to have my Roon db with me. Enough just with the client streaming via Raat. Todays DLNA possiblity to Chord 2GO sucks.

Jriver/Jremote give me bit perfect mobile streaming and Plex gives me lossy mobile convenience. Roon gives me everything else desired for my music management. Roon gets 95% of useage. I do not feel mobile functionality in roon is required. Please just make return to previous page not scroll to the top.

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