Roon Mobile In Japan

I’ve been wanting this feature for a long time, and I may finally have it.

I am running ROON on an Apple Mac Mini. I have an Amplifi router. Using their transport app. I am able to VPN into my router, and (I truly don’t fully understand why) BOOM! Roon comes up and plays normally. It’s a smidge slow, but nothing major. And considering the fact that I’m in Japan when home is in North America, I’d say that’s extremely strong.

Currently, I’m on WiFi, I’ll test a bit later to see if LTE works as well. I am hopeful.

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I’ve been able to get it to work through Teleport, but not on cellular. Please let me know if you’re able to do so. Thanks.

It won’t work via cellular as the app detects if WiFi is on at startup. The app needs WiFi to work it won’t work without it. The only way to use it is to connect via hotpot to another LTE device. Wifi has to be active.

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Do you mean the Teleport app looks for wifi, or Roon does? If the former, I think you’re right. If the latter, doesn’t Teleport put you on your home network where Roon is running? Roon wouldn’t know you were somewhere else.

Roon only looks to connect over WiFi. You turn WiFi off it will just say no WiFi please connect to WiFi and get no further. If you on LTE WiFi is not connected so it just won’t work. You just have to use another device with LTE on it and hotspot.