Roon mobile: remote streaming outside of the home [On Roadmap - Scheduled]

The dissonance of having to switch from Roon UI to Tidal UI is real. Your Ideal requests are not-mutually exclusive and would benefit us all regardless of end user infrastructure. And undertaking worthy of Roon’s development team!

Just replying to past me (2018): Got it working perfectly via ZeroTier, without any lag or delay. In fact, Roon works better at home via ZeroTier, because my WiFi is hell of a bottleneck. Highly recommended.

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@Roni_Laukkarinen - You say you got it working… but on which devices? I’ve had it working on Mac OSX but there is a limitation on IOS devices whereby the roon client on IOS cannot discover the Roon Server over a VPN connection (multicast/broadcast discovery issue if I remember), so in my opinion a non-VPN proper remote solution is still needed.

The saved settings in my IOS client show the LAN IP address, not the ZeroTier address. I do wonder if I disconnected that server from the IOS client, then searched for servers again while connected to Zerotier and then saved it… that perhaps this might work for remote access (but then likely wouldn’t work for normal LAN access. I must try this sometime…
All of that said… ZeroTier is amazing software that I use all every day for remote access to my machines at home.

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A first step for remote access might be to access your Roon Server database and stream available content directly from Tidal. I have the Tidal app on my devices, but I definitely prefer using the Roon app.

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Could you link to the one saying it might not be coming this year?

I think it’s a feature many of us would like, but it’s not trivial to do (and even less trivial to do well) so I’m not sure it would come ‘soon’. More ‘as soon as possible’ I’d think. Where did they post it would come ‘soon’?

The only pointer I’ve seen is Brian’s post above (quoted below), which I read as they’d really like to have it this year, but can’t say.

I’ve only just started using Plex for video so haven’t tried remote streaming (not sure I’ll bother as I tend to watch movies at home). I can only imagine it took Plex a while to create the system.

So with latest update, will Roon finally stream to a mobile when NOT on the local WiFi?

Please say yes.

No. The last update was Linn compatibility and MQA first stage decoding. The good news is that frees Roon developers to get the mobile work out.

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Just making a comment to follow the matter more than anything. This is a killer feature and I would love to use an iPad pro 12.9 on the go as if it was on my local network (CD quality is fine for me).

As far as I am concerned take your time and release it when its ready. Threats of membership cancelation isn’t an issue, they will eventually come back :slight_smile:

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Am I missing something here? If you are Roon and Tidal user why can’t Roon simply stream from Tidal when I’m out of the house. Sure it may not have every one of my albums but it will have most of them.

I know this is not a ‘fix’ for those that do not use Tidal but I would argue that you are missing out a great deal by not having it.

I would also love Android Auto integration but that is a topic for another thread…

I think the problem is, that the Server is doing a lot of stuff like the searchable database with all its connections.

Hope this dream come true…

This post is because I’d like to use Roon anywhere, not only at my home, with a proper “core”.
I think that it could be more valuable to listen music with an extended version of Roon, which consent, for example, listening music from Roon Radios or Tidal/Qobuz.
I’m thinking aboute a more portable version of Roon, for those who travel frequently.
Otherwise Roon is very good, but only at my house…
What do you think, do you agree?

Such suggestions have been in play for years. Search the forum you will find multiple threads and feature requests.

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It is also officially ‘On The Roadmap’, but no timeframes given.