Roon mobile: Syncing Music Files To Portable Devices for local playback [done]

It would be great to be able to take the music away with us, via sync (or via streaming), directly to mobile devices. Space is not an issue for us lucky Android users whom have Micro SD card capability and for the rest, there’s always streaming. I have a great little 24 bit DAC in my Sony Z5 that sounds quite good for a mobile. I came to Roon, specifically because Plex does not have 24 bit sync support and each time I raise it, they get all confused about what it is ultimately saying they already support it, which they clearly don’t. Of course, you then get the barrage of people who think that there is no difference between an MP3 and lossless music just making the whole thing quite painful. However, they have better support for mobile than Roon does at present.

I’ve looked and most people here seem to be talking about using mobiles over wifi in the same location as their server. The primary item I miss with Roon, is not being able to sync music (or stream) to my mobile device while at work or in the car / bus / train etc. I’ve heard this might be coming, however, I can’t really find anything on here about it, so I thought I would create a request with a clear Topic.

I’ve considered setting up a VPN in the interim. I might just do this, though it doesn’t solve the problem for when you’re on a costly cellular data connection.


Solving mobile/on-the-go use cases, as well as other remote access concerns, is definitely in our future.


Sounds great, is it likely to be in 2017?


It had better be :slight_smile:


Oh I don’t know. There’s a good couple of months left in 2016. :grin:


Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present. Mobile music to take away on holiday!

OK just purchased Roon for a year. Let’s see how we go - hopefully we get mobile on Android with 24 bit support!

I’m probably not going to continue with tidal. I basically got roon to rediscover my own music.

Is there any way to effectively use Roon while traveling? I currently have my Roon Core on my desktop at home and can connect to that with my laptop while connected by WiFi at home. But I’d love to be able to use Roon on my laptop while traveling as well (or at least a portion of it - like my favorite playlists). Tidal now allows me to do that by setting up offline playlists. Is there any way to do something similar on Roon? Right now if it can’t find the core computer on the network, it won’t even start up.



Hi @sdolezalek,

I’ve move your post into this topic, have read esp. Brian’s post.

Thanks Carl, I obviously didn’t look hard enough to see if this had already been asked, because Brian’s answer gives me the answer and I’m glad to see Roon is working on this!

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@brian now that the latest wonderful release of Roon is settling, will you be able to give an update on where we are at with this?



It’s one of our major goals for this year. There are about a half-dozen sub-projects/prerequisites before the whole thing can be delivered. We’ll be working on them in parallel with other features throughout the year. Some are already underway. No idea when it will all be released yet.


Thanks, great that it’s coming. Honestly I just want to ditch all my other mobile clients on my cellphone of which none of them contain the right mix of features. Delivering this should make Roon my primary music everything and me a permanent customer.

If there is any progress made (even if just prerequisites) it would be great to hear about it in here or an announcement or something.


I’m sure telling the team to “hurry up” is going to really help.


I was bragging about how good Roon is to a friend of mine, but he downright dismissed consideration of Roon unless it has a network access function. He has a Synology-based NAS set up, and runs DS Audio (freeware) so that he can access his music stored at home from his mobile phone anywhere he goes.

I was told that this function is on Roon’s roadmap, but now I feel that you should hurry up adding this feature to stay in the game. Could you tell us about the plan? Is there any copyright/license related issues in doing so (I doubt it when a freeware can do it)?

Are you being sarcastic? I wasn’t. Anyway, I didn’t know about this post, so I wrote a new post which got merged into this now. I am glad to see that it is coming later in 2017. This will solve the problems I had about my office machine access.


I’m seeing quite conflicting messages about a due date in these threads with one I recall saying it may not come this year. That would be disappointing as I purchased 1 year of Roon on the premise that something was coming soon. Who knows, perhaps they will reward me with some beta access or something (hint hint). :slight_smile:

Meanwhile Plex have finally added unmodified sync for the audio files which allows me to listen remotely via their much cheaper lifetime membership and while different, has quite an extensive audio interface and amazing device sync capability for a much cheaper price.

Roon should be praised for the hard effort that has been put in for support of Audio, which is mostly overlooked by other products. That makes me and others stick around a bit longer, but you’re right it is a pretty foundational feature these days that they can’t afford to let be absent for too long at the price being paid for a sub. Mobile should open up a whole new market for Roon and they’ve certainly said it’s a priority, but information is sparse which is unfortunate.

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Plex doesn’t do basic gapless playback, it’s been a top rated feature request for almost 5 years now. You get what you pay for.

Probbaly true enough, I’ve never noticed. I’d take mobile over gapless any day, as irritiating as it can be in some places. Better to listen to ‘some’ music than have gapless you can’t even listen to if you get my drift.