Roon mobile: Syncing Music Files To Portable Devices for local playback [On Roadmap]

Some posters were offering it as a potential alternative because, after six years of Roon discussing remote playback, we’re still wondering when.

Thanks for this reply, but with all due respect, I am having a hard time understanding why you seem dismissive of someone suggesting that we have to wait until 2025 and consider four-years a “lifetime” when we have been waiting six, since this was put on the “roadmap”.

…and this is why I hate saying anything at all related to schedules or timelines.

It won’t happen again.


I recently moved Roon server to my laptop and brought one of my more portable DAC’s with me on vacation so I could use playlists I had created while I was on vacation. I believe Roon should still focus on hi-res as that is what has attracted me to the product and integrations/certifications from the start. However, when we checked into our vacation rental internet was not what it was supposed to be so streaming playback and playlists that included streaming sources (Quobuz in my case) did not work or were stuck, even though I had moved my entire local library to a local SSD. Creating playlists separately in Qobuz is possible but easier using additional tools, and don’t stay in sync with Roon and don’t provide the metadata that really makes roon great. If it was possible to download tracks from playlists via Roon (which Qobuz allows via their license/app) or skip streamed tracks (that were not already downloaded) when network connectivity was not possible it would still be possible to take Roon on the road and get a great hi-res experience, even if some tracks were not available via streaming.

I’ve read through some of the other requests for sync of libraries to multiple computers. This would definitely help in going on the road since transferring the library and files back and forth from laptop to a more permanent system and storage solution would be much easier as well.


As a relatively new Roon user (also a Plex life subscriber and Tidal subscriber) I just wanted to add my hat into the mix as another who finds lack of remote access really poor. Please get it sorted as a priority, I travel a lot whether it be domestic or international and was looking at Roon to be “the one” that I can refer to for my playlists and music needs. Having to then pivot to either Plex or Tidal because i’m not in my house is a real PITA and makes me second guess keeping Roon after the current subscription ends.

It’s a real shame as I love Roon for everything apart from this feature, which to me is important, maybe not so much to others. I have zero concerns of upstream bandwidth and reliability that I’ve seen mentioned by some in this thread, but understand that is an issue for some.

I’d prefer to see some pseudo milestone roadmap if not a firmer ETA rather than a “prefer not to give any dates” just so I know if I should keep investing into this product as I’m quite sure if remote play isn’t going to be a thing then i’ll just have to pivot to something else.

Thanks for the consideration Roon developers!


It’s better handled that way most definitely- with confirming yet not announcing.
There is a company - name starts with H, ends with L, they’ve been promising to Roon users ‘Readiness’ for years now and even made public statements about deadlines. As of 07/2021 still nothing released. At least we know that you guys are working on that and it’s awesome news for us!


I‘m using A&K SP1000M and will getting Roon Ready firmware in August, beside Astell&Kern, any DAP makers is working on getting Roon Certification? No naming, just number.

If a DAP like Astell&Kern having Roon Ready certification, will be the very first batch of Mobile devices that will getting Roon Mobile experience?

I’m having 5G cellular connection with 300GB of data usage, and Apple Music just updated Android App 3.6 with HiRes lossless support, so future of Mobile HiRes streaming is here now, not a future, Roon should step up the game.

Portable Head-Fi users may using earphones and headphones now $3000~4000 region as expensive as some serious home speakers, top-notch DAPs is more expensive than home streamer and better configurations (Dual ESS/AKM, Quad CS43198), but very little of them are using Roon as Roon isn’t for them!! Why people investing so much in portable? Not many young peoples (especially not having own family and child yet) out of the home more than staying home (except special situation like COVID), most working class can’t having office setup, multiple hours on Vehicles, so having a top-notch portable but average home setup (maybe just sound bar, Bluetooth and WiFi speakers, no proper setup) , or the DAPs replaced streamer/DAC role at home, just having line out into Amplifier and Rock on, so getting Roon into DAPs in Portable world is a interesting market section to develop.

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@danny with this being confirmed as on the roadmap 6 years ago, can you comment on whether this is still on the roadmap or if it has been abandoned?

Hi @tretneo,

See these recent (June 2021) comments …

This to me at least, these confirm the development work for this project is now active, which is very encouraging and welcomed news.


I appreciate you pointing these out @Carl and it is encouraging. Thanks!


Going places where there is no Internet, I still want to be able to listen to my FLAC-Library from my disc. Connecting it to my iPad air, 4th Gen, I find no app that will allow me to to plainly play from my disk, without having to set up an online access or using iTunes. Since iTunes once already messed up my library, I will not try it again. Tried foobar. VLC, etc - they all want a cloud service, iTunes or some other download modality.

Dear Roon - what a big help would it be if you would gracefully have mercy with many followers in the community that have unsuccessfully put in a request for a mobile version of Roon.

@Bodo_Vollhardt, I’ve merged your post into this existing topic, there’s lot to catch up with, see …

I have one feature request for Mobile Roon, maybe doable without Roon Mobile yet.

I am using Astell&Kern SP1000M as Roon ready endpoint and hookup with bed room system, when I listening to my Roon library on ROCK Server(Without NAS), I would love it sync it to my SP1000M, what now I have to do is remember it/bookmark it, took the SP1000M connected with a PC/MAC mounted with ROCK storage location, find the path copy it manually to internal memory or SD card, then listen to it offline while out of the Roon network.

As long as it connected to same network as Roon while connected as Roon ready device, why not Sync the file to Roon Ready Player wirelessly?

Just posting this link.

This was 2016 … Come on guys. You are missing out on 10 customers for every 1 you get simply because of not being able to access Roon remotely. The ‘usual’ users just delete the app after trial because its useless to them without remote streaming capabilities.

I have audiophile friends who would instantly bother with Roon if it could do remote. Currently, they cant be bothered having to deal with the mess/disparity of multiple apps. Life is supposed to be easy with streaming, not convoluted.

Wow, you actually make extremely good points here, thank you. I hope this will ring true with the devs.

I just use Plex, because literally it’s the only option - but I would much prefer to have my device work from the car with all the info I had set up in the house. Such a basic thing in 2020’s. Well, to be honest, in 2010’s even.

To the Roon devs, would love to help you beta test any of this since it’s now (again) on roadmap. Pick me! Pick me!


I missed the on the roadmap again memo?

I don’t think there’s any actual evidence, only hearsay in the threads linked above. But taking it on their word….

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