Roon move from Mac to Nucleus

Hello @support Team,

I am an employee of the German Roon Partner ATR AudioTrade.

We have here a problem with a customer who changed his Roon license incl. database from a MAC to a Nucleus +.
The customer disconnected Roon on the Mac and restarted it on the Nucleus, but found that the playlists from Tidal and Qobuz were not included.

The customer then created a backup of the database, but unfortunately probably from the Nucleus and not from the MAC. :frowning:

Can you restore the database from the Mac from 12.06.2020 before 12.00 PM and correctly install the play lists including Roon license on the Nucleus?

What kind of information do you need?

Thanks for your help.

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The database is local to the machine as far as I know, your customer will need to do a backup of the roon library from the Mac.

Hello @Stefan_Harms,

So we can get the customer back on track by seeing what he has available. If the Mac is still set up, he should be able to get into his database and force a backup of the content.

When he’s got his backup and is ready to move to Nucleus, he wants to follow these instructions. If any questions arise during that process please let me know!

Regarding restoring a backup from 2020.12.06, if his database is still on the Mac he should be able to get right back in, as long as he can still see his music library we should be good to go! If he’s removed that database, let me know.

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Hello dear Roon Team,

the problem is unfortunately not solved,

the customer cannot create a backup of the MAC, there is always the error message that the backup has failed.

I’m at my wit’s end right now,
what should we do.

The client only wants to move her database from the Mac to the nucleus.

What do we need to do to get you to complete the move.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

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Hello @Stefan_Harms, thanks for reporting back to us. I would take a look at the location where they’re backing up to, can they try a removable USB drive? It’s possible that the location chosen for the backup has a permission issue, or there’s a network issue present. When they experienced this, were they backing up to the local drive of the Mac?

If backing up to USB doesn’t help, I’d like to collect logs from the Mac so we can present a report to our QA team. Please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link. Thanks!

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