Roon MQA and Roon DSP

I’ve noticed that when I apply some DPS prams. (like speaker setup) to my Room MQA chain to an Explorer II Roon will not pass the MQA to the Explorer II. To pass MQA I must turn off the DSP engine. Is this the case? am I doing something wrong? can it be fixed? Thank you.

You are correct. Nothing you can do to change that for now. When Roon does the first unfold in software you may be able to then apply DSP rather than have the second unfold done in the hardware. But for now, you are doing what is possible, and there’s nothing further.

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It’s not broken, mqa makes no provision for DSP, they’re mutually exclusive. Great format hey.

For your DAC to decode MQA it must receive the data stream unchanged. Adding any type of DSP prevents the Explorer from decoding the file. This is how MQA is supposed to work.

Can I confirm the Roon DSP works well with MQA for parametric EQ, crossfeed and headroom management only?
I think a sample rate conversion does not work on MQA.