ROON + MQA + Digital Speakers

How can I get Roon to work with MQA and active speakers like Dynaudio XD´s (IMac->DynaudioXD)

I wanted to try ifi audio´s iOne, but as soon as the MQA update was done, the digital output of the ifi was removed.

best KnockKnock

What inputs do the Dynaudio speakers have?

Both coaxial (XD s built in dac) (192/24) and analog inputs.
So OP would need a separate MQA dac into the analog inputs.
I own flagship model XD 60…4 drivers.

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I always go for the Coax digital input


What about a good quality optical-coaxial converter sitting between optical out of the iMac and coaxial in of the speakers?

There’s loads around from about £10 but you can spend more.

You’ll need to check it can pass 96/24, but it should do. Roon would do the first unfold and pass 88.2/24 or 96/24 (depending on MQA source) to the iMac optical out. Convert it to coaxial with your £10 converter box and use a single RCA to feed the Dynaudio’s Coaxial digital input.

Worth a try for a tenner.

The Focus XD indeed do not support MQA but you can ROON decode it for you. I use a Raspberry/Digione combo with my Focus 60 XD and it works flawless with MQA: ROON takes care of the decoding.

Dear Dan
Bcs optical audio maxes out on 96 kHz

How do you connect it? I´d like USB out of iMac and SPDIF into my DynXD´s

(Roon only does the first encoding)

How far is the iMac from the XD’s?

The DigiOne @Rdg is really good.

Otherwise, a USB to SPDIF (Digi Coax) converter. What’s your budget?


First unfold of MQA maxes out at 96khz also.

If you want to go the whole hog, you’ll need an MQA certified DAC and either use it as a renderer… passing on 192/24 to your co-ax speaker input, or as a full DAC… passing analogue to the Dynaudios.

If you think it’s worth the extra outlay for 192/24 over 96/24, then go for that. But… you can get 96/24 for just over a tenner. :grinning:

If you want to use an USB out then you will need an USB-SPDIF converter. You can take a look at the Schiit Eitr.

The Digione has a SPDIF coax out so i connect it directly to the speakers ‘direct in’ input.

This looks like a nice piece of kit, if you wanted to go down the ‘optical out’ route.

As I say… you won’t get more than 96/24, but that’s the maximum resolution you’ll get with any of the options discussed here.

I’m not sure if there exists a device that will take MQA raw or first unfold MQA via either USB or Ethernet and output 192/24 coaxial s/pdif.

Bluesound node (as an example)… I believe… only outputs the full 192/24 via it’s analogue outputs. Its digital outputs are 96/24 max.

Most of the MQA renderers I’ve seen are also DACs.