Roon MQA network audio streamer

Does such a piece of hardware exist?

Thx kids

Depending on exactly what you mean, the forthcoming Meridian 218 MQA capable Preamp/DAC is looking interesting and should fit many systems. Although maybe I misunderstand what you’re after.

Any bit perfect streamer will pass through MQA to an MQA DAC. A pi3 or sonic orbiter or microrendu will work fine with most MQA DACs.

If you want and MQA DAC with a network card in one box the only one I am aware of at the moment is the mytek manahattan II.

Probably others know of more.

Hello Paul, are you local? :wink:
is there anywhere where we can do a pre-read on the new Meridian you are referring to?

Thank you Rene

That Data Sheet isn’t quite accurate now. There’s also a trigger output with the IR control input. Meridian have been a bit slack on keeping pics up to date.

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Lumin is working on adding MQA Full Decoding to its line of Roon Ready network music players (Edit: model S1 / A1 / T1 / D1).

Work in progress (showing Roon playback of Tidal MQA to Lumin network input using Roon Ready RAAT protocol)

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