Roon MUSE - Signal Path Clipping Indicator

Am just experiencing a lack of the color light change on my MUSE signal path indicator. My headroom management is enabled as is the signal path indicator. Any ideas?

I might be misunderstanding but the clipping light only appears IF there is clipping otherwise it does nothing; and doing nothing is what you want.

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Rugby, aka Big Dan,

No misunderstanding on your part at all. I have enjoyed the information concerning clipping for the year that I have used MUSE. My question today was a ‘duh’ on my part and you were both spot on and civil o me in your reply! I have no issue with the signal path indicator, and as you accurately noted, did not have one.

I could blame sleep deprivation, but that would be unfair to sleep deprivation. Thanks for your help in the Roon Community. Have a safe, relaxing and blessed new year. - George

Do you have clipping indicator active ? Headroom management alone does not engage this it has to be turned on on the headroom management section.

It will only turn red if your signal is clipping otherwise it will stay as the colour that is determined by the source and any DSP being applied.

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