Roon music database

I just added the new Who Sell Out Box set. What a nightmare. Roon cannot identity this set but why? It’s a major new release.

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I wonder how many units it really did sell ? In terms of sales it probably really isn’t a major release…

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Do sales figures determine metadata availability?


I did some searching on the metadata availability and read the following thread:
Roon’s biggest feature… The Metadata

I am curious and will add some box sets,

It’s in MusicBrainz , see the entry 4 from bottom update 5 may 21

Roon should see , is the Album title matching maybe

Maybe try again


it’s in Tidal, all 5 cds with metadata

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Glad it is the database! Shout out to @Peter_Rustin for alerting me to The Who’s Sellout Deluxe release BTW.

Mike, thanks. But how can I match that database with the music already ripped into Roon? If I go to edit–identify, the 2021 deluxe isn’t there. Can you please explain how I can use the Tidal metadata?

Right now, 4 of the discs are merged, with one standing alone. I can’t merge them without totally messing up the trans with duplicates.


There isn’t a way to use Tidal’s data obviously.

My understanding is that Roon uses MusicBrainz as a source so it should see it , no help I agree

Can anyone from Roon please jump in? If Roon uses Musicbrainz, something is wrong here for sure.


Not much use probably but I have had occasions in the past where I have rushed out to buy a CD on the morning of release and ripped it to find I was too quick and metadata was not yet available.
The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold was the last one I remember.
The easiest way I fixed these events was after a day or so to just delete my rip and redo and then the metadata populated correctly.

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Thanks. No go here.