Roon Music Library location

Hi, I am not sure which category should this thread go…

My Roon Core is of Intel NUC, 24/7 running, currently my music library is stored in external SSD, and this SSD is connected to Intel NUC (Roon Core) via USB which the music library path pointed to at Roon Remote settings.

My current network media player is Cambridge Audio CXN V2.

My question, is the external SSD best to connect to Intel NUC (Roon Core) or CXN V2 (via USB) ?

Yes, connect the USB drive directly to the NUC.

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Thansj @Martin_Webster , that’s also make sense since my Intel NUC aka Roon Core is 24/7 running, thus I can play Roon ARC remotely. But not my CXN V2.

One more question, will external SSD via USB to Intel NUC cause “noise” in audio system ?

No, none whatsoever. Since the CXN is connected via the network, both devices are isolated.

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Noted with thanks.

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