Roon Music-Progress bar

Is there a way to get a progress bar at the bottom of the screen when playing a song that shows the total and elapsed time and allows me to skip ahead in the song?

What device are you using to get the display? I get one on my iPad and iPhone and other computers

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Nice to see another CJ fan.

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Every remote app for Roon offers this. Click in the bottom area where it shows want is playing.

Just happen to be a roon playlist pick….I like to give new stuff a listen…wouldn’t say I’m a fan tho :relaxed:

I’m using Roon to stream Qobuz and Tidal to HQPlayer. I’m guessing the problem is just a checkbox or setting but I’m unable to find it. Also I’m not using a tablet or Phone. I’m using my core desktop computer directly.

Post a screenshot

Thanks for your help with this. I feel so stupid. The Roon screen was only like 99% maximized and not completely full screen. It was just enough to cut off the bottom of the progress bar. What’s crazy is I’ve` been running this screen the same way for almost a month and didn’t notice. Thanks again.


can happen to the best of us

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