Roon: Music Sample Rate Downsampled on Devialet Phantom 2 Speakers (ref#S53LYP)

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Hello, when I’m playing music from Roon from Mac or iPhone on my Devialet Phantom 2 speakers, the sample rate is downsampled from 96kHz to 48kHz but the option is not activated in Muse preferences. Thanks

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The Roon server is on my Synology DS224+ NAS. I only stream music from my Qobuz account

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Phantom 2 x2

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Roon Server on Ethernet and Speakers on Wifi


Roon is sending bit-perfect 96 kHz 24 bit audio to the Phantoms; the conversion and DSP is occurring in the device, i.e., after the Roon logo in the signal path.

This appears to be the way the Phantom DSP engine works, so you’d be better off setting Roon to perform the resampling.

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